Save Big Money Through The New BBCR Membership

08 Mar Save Big Money Through The New BBCR Membership


Now, you can register your entire breeding program for a fraction of the price of a single dog registration!  Smart breeders have already started saving hundreds of dollars on litter registrations with the new BBCR flat-rate pricing system.

BBCR essentially pays you when nonmembers register your puppies with BBCR.  Breeders receive $20 ($25 for international registrants) when two or more puppies from your BBCR-registered litter join us as first-time registrants.

BBCR MemberPlus participants have the ability to do online Dog or Kennel Registration. No more standing in line at the post office waiting to send off your registration paperwork. BBCR members save time and money by registering your dog or litter using our online portal.

Real time registration tracking has taken the anxiety out of trying to predict when paperwork has been received, processed, and mailed out from the office. Once you have submitted your registration paperwork, you can sign in to the online portal to track the status. The BBCR system will update once it has confirmed that BBCR has received the proper forms, processed your request and shipped the registration documents.  This eliminates having to spend time on hold waiting to speak to a representative about locating your paperwork.

BBCR will be implementing online and expedited BBCR show registration for its members. Skip the automated phone system and secure your spot for upcoming shows online. All the necessary documents for entry, along with a confirmation of your reservation will be sent directly to your email. Early bird registration specials are also available.  The day of the show can be overwhelming for both competitors and attendees. But as a BBCR MemberPlus, you can show your ID card to avoid waiting in long lines at the door.

Members gain the ability to track show points online. With BBCR the online portal, you can access points accumulated at BBCR Conformation shows. Updates are posted within one business day following the event.  Members want to be aware of their dog’s

Exclusive Member Updates are made available to membership card holders before they are released to the general public. Stay in the know with updates on BBCR shows, events, special promos, and the latest happenings in the Bully community through the monthly member’s only newsletter.

For a limited time only, you can secure your spot as a BBCR MemberPlus for only $4.99 per month, plus an additional fee of $1.00 more per breed. You’ll receive all of these perks and become part of an organization that’s slated to become the bully registry of the future!

Spots are filling fast and the membership rate won’t ever be this low again, so don’t delay. Purchase your membership today!

P.S. We’re only opening up this opportunity to a select number of registrants. Take advantage today so you won’t be forced to wait around for registration to open again at a higher monthly rate.

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