13 Signs Your Bully Breeder is a Fraud

15 Jun 13 Signs Your Bully Breeder is a Fraud


The hunt is over and you’ve finally found a bully that’s right for you and your family. Wouldn’t it be devastating if your dog developed issue after issue for several years?
Unfortunately, this is not uncommon when dealing with shady breeders. They fail exercise proper precautions during the breeding process, from start to finish. And some of their dogs go downhill way too early.
Of course, you want to avoid them as much as possible, so here are 13 indicators of a crooked breeder:

Bad Motives

One of the most important factors you want to consider is their motive. Actions that reflect ulterior motives are signs that it’s best to look elsewhere.


The breeder should be knowledgeable enough to answer any questions you have. They should also seek be willing to have a conversation about the breed’s temperament.

Lacks Adequate Documentation

Buying a bully without registration papers is like adopting a child without a birth certificate. You have no idea what you are getting or if the pup is legit for that matter. The breeder should also have the pedigrees of the parents on file so that you can learn more about the pup’s lineage.

Poor Living Conditions

If you notice that the dogs live in poorly maintained kennels, move on. There is nothing wrong with a temperature controlled, spacious and clean kennel. But be sure to confirm that the bullies are properly cared for throughout the day.

Prohibits Visitation

You’re making a huge investment and adding another family member to the household. So, if there’s an issue with visitation the breeder may be hiding something.

Ambiguous Health Guarantees

Is the breeder is advertising a health guarantee? What exactly does it entail? This document should be very detailed and disclose the coverage provided.

No Genetic Screenings or Health Exams

Does your breeder use high costs to justify their lack of genetic screenings?  Or do they claim that genetic screenings are done, but cannot produce the paperwork to prove it? Either way, there are no guarantees that their breed line is free of genetic defects.

Questionable Breeding Practices

Those who breed whatever and sell to whomever are in business for the wrong reasons and will do anything for the almighty dollar bill. Good breeders will specialize in only a select number of breeds and carefully screen those who are considering making a purchase with them to ensure that the bully pup is going to a safe and loving home.

No Waiting List

Most good breeders have a demand for the pups in their litters, so you may have to place your name on a waiting list. But what if they have a ton of bullies hanging out in the kennel? Or what if they are offering you a breed that you didn’t request? You may be dealing with a puppy mill.

Distant from Dog Community

Your breeder should also be active in the bully community.

Inconsistencies in Litter

Brothers and sisters in a litter should not come in all different shapes and sizes. Also, the temperament of the pup should be consistent with the breed standard.

“Puppy Sales”

Is there a buy one, get one free special going on at the kennel? Don’t get too excited. Shady breeders often discount puppies that have genetic defects to clean house. This is also the case for puppy mills.

Excessive Advertisement

Reputable breeders don’t have to constantly promote their business. Watch out for those that guarantee they have a dog that’s “just right for you” that you can pick up today.

The Bottom Line

If you notice any of these warning signs, give the breeder a chance to clarify. And if things still seem a bit fishy, run before it’s too late.

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