2017 BBCR National Specialty American bully

30 Jun 2017 BBCR National Specialty American bully

Thank you for coming out to the 2017 BBCR National Specialty at Purina Farms! The BBCR was established in 2004 and has since grown into a major international registry.

We congratulate all our winners, especially Josh Beavers, who was both the Best in Show Winner and Best In Breed Winner for the American Bully.

At our National Specialty, Josh recalled his childhood, when he initially connected with the bully breed.

“My dad raised pit bulls for most of my youth,” he says. “I first fell in love with dogs when I was around ten years old.”

Josh feeds all his dogs a mixture of SPORTMiX® kibble and raw chicken. “I found that works the best for me. I also use two tablespoons of wheat germ oil on their food,” adds Josh. “It helps with coat and, for the males, a healthy sperm count.”

Although he has a long history being around bully breeds, Josh didn’t take part in dog shows until just a couple of years ago.

“I participated in my first conformation in Elk City, Oklahoma, in April 2015,” he explains, “and I would say I was hooked for life.”

We are pleased to congratulate Josh on his “double winner” status for Best in Show and Best In Breed – seeing how he has only been familiar with the registry for a short time, and the BBCR National Specialty was his very first BBCR show.

“I came to know of the BBCR about a year ago from social media and word of mouth at other registry shows,” he explains, adding that he only heard “good, positive things” before joining the registry.

In fact, Josh was a last-minute entry at this year’s historic BBCR National Specialty. He came to check out a puppy for his kennel program and ended up entering and winning the entire show!

Josh notes that if he were to host his own event, he would want to make it just as much a winner as his American Bully was at Nationals.

“If I were to put on a BBCR conformation show,” he says, “it would be a safe, clean, fun environment for the whole family, an experience that people would want to return for year after year.”

Congratulations, Josh, and thanks again for attending the 2017 National Specialty.

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