2017 BBCR National Specialty Best in Breed English Bulldog

01 Jul 2017 BBCR National Specialty Best in Breed English Bulldog

Thank you for coming out to the 2017 BBCR National Specialty at Purina Farms! The BBCR was established in 2004 and has since grown into a major international registry.

We congratulate all our winners – including Heather Fisher, who won for English Bulldog. Like so many attendees at our inaugural Nationals, Heather fell in love with dogs at a very young age.

“My parents bought me a mutt when I was two years old,” she says, “and they let me name her myself. She was all black with white feet, so I named her Socks! We grew up together and she lived to the age of fourteen.

“After I lost Socks in 1996, my boyfriend – who today is my husband of eighteen years – bought me an Amstaff puppy who also lived a long life. That’s when I really fell in love with the bull breed.

“As a child, I always wanted an English Bulldog, because it was my grandfather’s favorite breed of dog. Eventually, my husband surprised me with a Bulldog pup for my birthday. We have been breeding English Bulldogs for about seven years now, and have produced our very own champion, Opie. We hope to champ him out in other registries as well. English Bulldogs are now my passion, but I would love to own an American Bully someday, too.”

Heather and her husband began attending conformation shows in March of 2016.

“We went to a show in our hometown and haven’t stopped going since,” she recalls. “We love meeting new people who share the same passion and we love seeing the beautiful dogs grace the ring. Oh, and of course traveling to the shows!”

The couple learned about BBCR from their Kennel Partner, Hector Rodriguez, who ended up being the Best of Breed winner for Shortybull at the National Specialty Show.

“Hector urged us to go to Nationals and I’m glad we did. I hope to attend many more BBCR shows, as the staff was very kind and helpful,” says Heather, who plans to switch their English Bulldogs from Taste of the Wild to VICTOR in the near future.

Heather says that people can expect to see many helpful, smiling faces at a BBCR show.

“All of the staff and BBCR reps had positive attitudes throughout the day,” she assures. “We loved the photo booth and all the freebies that were handed out. Keep up the good work. If you bring more shows to the Midwest, we will be there!

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