2017 BBCR National Specialty Best in Breed Shortybull

30 Jun 2017 BBCR National Specialty Best in Breed Shortybull

Thank you for coming out to the 2017 BBCR National Specialty at Purina Farms! The BBCR was established in 2004 and has since grown into a major international registry.

We wish to extend our congratulations to all our winners. That means a big shoutout to

Hector Rodriguez, who won for Shortybull, a breed founded by Amy Krogman and Jamie Sweet.

Hector says his first passion was the American Bully. “My brother bought some bullies back in 2003 when we were still calling them Pits,” Hector remembers. “I couldn’t get over how thick they were compared to their ancestors, the American Pit Bull Terrier.”

Hector also recalls when he first fell in love with the Shortybull breed, which quickly developed a large, loyal following after it was first introduced to the public. He was at a show in Wichita, Kansas hosted by Mike Minor.

“Mike later lost his life in a tragic car accident,” explains Hector, “but he was known for owning prizewinning dogs like Tug Boat and Jet Black. I remember seeing Amy and Jamie walking to that venue with a pack of Shortybulls. Right then, I knew I wanted to get into breeding them.”

In fact, Hector became so fascinated by the breed that he soon found himself watching video of Shortybulls online.

“I used to spend countless hours looking at YouTube videos of them on flirt poles and doing other bite work,” says Hector, who feeds his dogs a no kibble, raw meat diet.

Even with his interest in the bully breed, Hector didn’t become involved with conformation shows right away.

“I’ve been around a long time and have gone to a lot of shows,” he explains, “but as far as actually having a dog in the ring, that didn’t happen until I bought my Shortybull, Ryder. I found out about BBCR when I got him, since they are the original Shortybull registry.”
In fact, Hector has been preparing Ryder for conformation since day one. “My goal was to make him a top five Shortybull, and I feel I have accomplished that.”

Having been to so many events, Hector has a good idea of how they should be run. He notes that the inaugural National Specialty was the perfect start to what should prove to be just the first of many great BBCR events.

“If I were to ever put on a BBCR show, people could expect a professional and family-friendly environment,” says Hector.

Congratulations again, Hector, and thank you for attending the 2017 National Specialty.

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