2017 BBCR National Specialty Bull Terrier

30 Jun 2017 BBCR National Specialty Bull Terrier

Thank you for coming out to the 2017 BBCR National Specialty at Purina Farms! The BBCR was established in 2004 and has since grown into a major international registry.

We congratulate all our winners, starting with Robert and Lindsey Ellis, whose Bull Terrier was the Best in Breed Winner at our inaugural National Specialty.

Both Robert and Lindsey have been dog lovers their entire lives. Lindsey says she fell in love with dogs at a young age, while Robert notes, “I’ve always been around and loved dogs. My mom bred Dobermans and St. Bernards.”

The couple first decided to look into entering their dogs into shows in 2003. “We bred dogs and contacted the Kennel Club, which set us up with a local lady who showed dogs,” recalls Lindsey. “She evaluated our dogs but said they weren’t show quality.”

Determined to succeed, Robert and Lindsey started over by giving their precious pets away to good homes so that they could begin showing dogs at conformation events.

“We got our first show dog, Moores, straight as an arrow,” says Robert, “and he got us hooked on showing – the first weekend we showed him, that dog became a champion! We haven’t looked back and we have succeeded in the ring all around the world.”

Robert learned about the BBCR several years ago from a good friend, Jon Downing. “Jon got me into another Bully registry,” he explains, “and then he started judging BBCR shows. I didn’t want to go at first, because I thought they were the same.”

Then, in 2016, Robert had a conversation with judge and breeder Lydia Duarte Castagna of Raging Moon Kennels that changed all that.

“Lydia talked to me about the BBCR, and as a result of our conversation, I had my first judging assignment with them,” he says. “I absolutely loved it. I only regret not listening to my friend Jon years ago!”

At the historic first Nationals in BBCR history, Robert and Lindsey, who feed all their dogs Purina Pro Plan Performance Sport, were thrilled to win Best in Breed. More importantly, they continued to find the high level of interaction they have found at every BBCR event.

“What you will see at any BBCR show is a group of lovely people who are striving to do their best for the breeds,” adds Lindsey. “Of course you’ll see high quality, well-structured dogs, but most important of all, you’ll see that everyone who is involved and competing is one big family.”

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