2018 National Championship Best in Breed American Bulldog

05 Jan 2018 National Championship Best in Breed American Bulldog

Thank you for coming out to the 2018 BBCR National Championship, hosted at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, NC!  This year, the Nationals event was judged by Mo Barrow and Timothy Sinclair.

The participants in this year’s Nationals have truly gone above and beyond and set the bar high for our future events! Thank you all!

We congratulate all our winners, especially Damien D. McNight and his American Bulldog, Eveready’s Dubai, who won Best Male and Best in Breed.

Damien is with Eveready Kennels in GA, and has been for five years. Remarkably, this was his first time he has been with his winning Bulldog in a ring. “This is my first-time showing Eveready’s Dubai or “Dubai” as I like to call him.  I owned his mother, and when the mother was bred to the Sire, Dubai was my pick of the litter.”

Jessica Cook, another one of this year’s winners who is also from Georgia, recommended Dubai for the ring. Damien was eager to show both his breed and Dubai in particular. “I don’t see a lot of American Bulldogs at shows, mostly American Bullies, so I was excited to bring him out.  Dubai is an easy going, socially active dog. He loves to be around kids and is a big presence inside the ring.

“We don’t really do anything special for shows, just a lot of relaxing and practicing until the time comes.  He’s currently back with his pet family so I don’t think he’ll be seeing much of the ring in the coming future, but we’ll see what this year brings!”

We wish you the best of luck this year, Damien! And thank you for showing Dubai at the 291 BBCR National Championship!

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