2018 National Championship Best in Breed American Bully

02 Jan 2018 National Championship Best in Breed American Bully

Thank you for coming out to the 2018 BBCR National Championship, hosted at the
Cabarrus Arena in Concord, NC! This year, the Nationals event was judged by Mo Barrow and
Timothy Sinclair.
The participants in this year’s Nationals have truly gone above and beyond and set the
bar high for our future events! Thank you all!
We congratulate all our winners, especially Anthony Gonzalez and his American Bully,
Wildcard Bullies Benzino, who won Best of Winners, Best in Breed, Best Pocket Male and Best
Anthony has been showing American Bullies since he was 19 years old and is still going
strong! He calls Benzino “a big member of the Gonzales family” and says that the two try to
include fun in the intense training they do. “One of the things Benzino loves doing is pulling the
sled and running on the treadmill,” he told us.
Having fun while they work seems to be paying off for them, judging by their wins in the
2018 Nationals. Anthony is definitely interested in showing Benzino in more BBCR rings and
has lofty ambitions for his beloved Bully.
“For 2019 the sky is the limit for Benzino. We would like to continue to show for the
BBCR and work towards the Grand Champion title.”
Best of luck to you, Anthony and Benzino! And thank you for participating in the 2018
BBCR National Championship!

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