BBCR Facebook post crashes website

12 Sep BBCR Facebook post crashes website

For those who visited the BBCR website this past Friday, more than likely encountered a message with an error. The crash is believed to be the result from a recent Facebook post. It asked registrants to list educational information about their breed.
         The post was made Friday, September 9th and hit 10,000 views shortly afterwards. By the end of the weekend, the video gained 20,000 views.img_8505
         Since then, the website has been up and running smoothly. CEO Kamerion Wimbley is confident that registrants will be able to access the website at any given point of time. “We are at an exciting point in our registry’s history, and we see spikes of traffic on our social media, website and conformation show platforms.” He continues, “There is a team in place to handle these sorts of situations when they occur, and can guarantee that everything runs smoothly in a matter of hours.”

   This crash is the very indication of the growing support BBCR has received in this past year.



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