A Shortybull Life: The Long Road to the Short Bulldog

About The Author

Amy Krogman has been a dog lover all her life.  From an early age, she was involved in dog
exhibitions and competed in sanctioned hunts.  Amy received her degree in Veterinary
Technology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, began exhibiting dogs in the conformation
ring in 1986.  She has worked as a conformation judge and bench show judge for scent dogs, and led an area 4H dog club.  Amy founded the Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR) in 2004, where she currently serves as Director of Shortybulls.

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The Book

Introducing the first-ever book devoted to the Shortybull breed and the story of its creation.
Are you a dog person?  Are you a bull breed person?  Then you’ve got to meet the loveable Shortybull!

In A Shortybull Life,  Amy Krogman tells her story for the first time – how she grew up as an
animal lover and pet owner, then a vet tech, and finally, one of the original breeders of the Shortybull.

Throughout, Amy delivers personal anecdotes that show her love for the breed, her unique sense of humor, and what she now knows will be her lasting legacy: the Shortybull itself.

You’ll learn how Amy and her colleagues worked hard to bring to the world a bull breed with
fewer health challenges than other, similar breeds; how she founded the registry of choice for the Shortybull, the Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR); and why she ultimately handed the reins of the registry over to concentrate on other endeavors.

The Value to You

As a dog fancier, you may be interested in owning a Shortybull for yourself. A Shortybull Life
presents not only Amy’s engaging and dramatic life story but also the story of the Shortybull
breed itself, with detailed information on why you should choose one. Learn all about:

  • Temperament and activity
  • Size, shape and color
  • Grooming and care
  • Exercise requirements
  • How to choose your Shortybull
  • And much more!

This unique look at the Shortybull is a first in more ways than one. Be a part of history while getting as much information as you need about the Shortybull, all in one place.

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