Amy Krogman

20 May Amy Krogman

Amy Krogman founded Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR) in 2004. She now serves as the Director of Shortybulls.

Amy has been a dog lover her entire life. From a very early age, she was involved in dog exhibitions and competed in sanctioned hunts. While she currently works mainly with Shortybulls, she has a strong love for dogs of all breeds and truly considers them to be one of her life’s passions.

Amy’s professional experience with dogs began over 20 years ago. She received her degree in Veterinary Technology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and since then she has built up a tremendous amount of experience in the animal health and veterinary medicine field. After achieving her degree, Amy continued to handle dogs in competition events such as night hunts, and began exhibiting dogs in the conformation ring in 1986.

As the years went by, Amy participated in many aspects of the sport as a conformation judge and bench show judge for scent dogs, and led an area 4H dog club, as well as obedience training. She is also involved with the Kansas Working Dog Club.

In the late 1990s, the Shortybull breed began its development in rural Kansas. Since then, Amy has worked tirelessly to introduce this smaller, healthy bulldog breed to the public. The BBCR was established in 2004 as a way to maintain the historical record of the Shortybull. With the encouragement of other dog lovers in the community, the BBCR expanded its pedigree database to include five more bully breeds in 2011. Now in 2017, the BBCR recognizes eleven breeds.

Amy’s love of all dogs, and her passion to eradicate misrepresentation of bully type dogs and other bull breeds in the US, has fired her passion for her work. She has taken part in creating a breed that she truly believes has the potential to make big waves in the dog world in the future.

Amy Layman Krogman, will be judging the following breeds at the 2017 National Specialty:

French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Olde Bulldogee and Shortybull

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