BBCR Announces Merger with BBC



By Merilyn Haslinger


Six years after parting ways to pursue personal interests, Amy Krogman and Jamie Sweet, the “mothers” of the Shortybull breed, have reunited in an effort to help the Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR) soar to new heights…

I recently sat down with the two ladies to discuss the details of the reunion and what it meant for Shortybull lovers everywhere.  Before the interview, Amy sparked up a conversation about the future of dog breeding.  Both had interesting perspectives, and the excitement in their voices coupled with the positive energy in the room reassured me that they definitely had one thing in common: the love for dogs.  With that being understood, the conversation shifted and I dove right in. What was the reason behind the BBCR split?

Amy: In 2006, our interests (in terms of the Shortybull) began to differ.  The markets we wanted to focus on were not aligned.  I developed a strong interest in the family pet market.  My attention was directed toward dog shows and defining the Shortybull as a worthy family companion.  We both accomplished a lot during our years apart, and the separation prepared both of us to come full circle and bring this breed to its full potential.

Jamie: We had our own opinions about the direction of the Shortybull which were based on our own personal preferences.   I wanted to prove the dog’s worthiness through function and directed my attention to that arena.  We selected separate paths in terms of promotion, marketing and defining our views of the ideal Shortybull’s function.  However, we continued to breed according to the original Shortybull conformation standard we set forth in the beginning, and built our own bloodlines within the Shortybull breed. How did the reunion between the two companies come about?

Amy: This is actually a very funny story.  On Black Friday of this past year, Jamie and I ran into each other while shopping.   After several conversations, the “dog talk” commenced.

Jamie: The acquisition was a result of a discussion regarding the progress and future of the Shortybull breed.  It was necessary to reconvene at the drawing board, re-evaluate goals and disclose individual successes and failures over the past six years.  After a few months, Amy and I finally reached a consensus and decided  that a merger would combine the best of both worlds, foster breed development, pave the way for varying markets and allow all breeders to join forces in order to compete under one unified registry.

Amy: Being that we are two passionate dog women, we saw this as a perfect opportunity to set our differences aside and reunite out of respect for the Shortybull fanciers and most importantly, for the preservation of the history and the future advancement of the Shortybull breed. Out of all of the Bully registries that were wanting to partner up with your registry, what made you decide to join on with BBCR?

Jamie: To be quite honest, it was the most sensible choice.  Amy and I can stand alone to reach individual goals, but it takes two strong people to forgo individual accomplishments for the betterment of the Shortybull breed.  We both know that protecting the registry’s integrity is extremely important and requires progressive thinking, ethics and dedication that set us apart from other registries.  Unification is the key! do you think having Jamie back as an official representative with BBCR will do for BBCR and the Shortybull?

Amy: Jamie’s strengths complement my weaknesses and vice-versa.  We are two visionaries working together to ensure the integrity of the Shortybull’s future.  So many have worked tirelessly to help bring us to where we are today, and as the Shortybull mothers, we must continue to advance the Shortybull breed in a positive direction.  This is the way the breed was meant to be. What are some of the immediate goals concerning the Shortybull after the two registries come together?

Amy: There are quite a few.  We’d like raise awareness of genetic and ethical issues as they pertain to the Shortybull.  It is essential that we expand the resources available to educate the public about the breed.  In addition, the BBCR will continue to work with show hosts worldwide to create events with strong competition in the ring, and even stronger venues to introduce the public to the Shortybull.  We want to identify those breeders who are genuinely dedicated to the honest and ethical promotion of the Shortybull breed and provide them with a place to fill leadership roles through access to information, history, knowledge and support. What do you envision for the Shortybull breed 10-20 years for now?

Amy: In the next 10-20 years, I can see the Shortybull being the primary choice for bulldog fans.  The breed is vibrant, compact and exhibits longevity.  It’s also trainable, aims to please when the opportunity arises and easily adapts to a wide variety of environments.  Considering its irresistible personality and versatility, the critics should easily recognize the Shortybull as a household name.

Jamie: It is my hope that in 10 -20 years, critics will recognize the Shortybull as a “breed” in every sense of the word.  I hope that in time, Shortybulls have been around the globe twice, have been written about in children’s books and are featured in their own Saturday morning cartoon!   I hope they see Shorty Bulls as a versatile breed.  I hope critics can see this breed as I do and can appreciate it in its rightful place amongst other bull breeds. What sets this registry apart from the other Bully registries out there?

Amy: A registry can be compared to a house; the foundation and all accompanying components are essential to the overall structure.  The BBCR is dedicated to using only the highest grade of material to build our house; these are experience, passion, knowledge and technology.  Quality is of the upmost importance and each BBCR judge and event manager must go through an extensive training and testing process to earn the honor of judging.  Most importantly, I believe that our registrants set us apart from other registries, and we are proud to be the house where the family can gather to laugh, grow and lead.

Jamie: Amy and I reunited to preserve and protect the Shortybull.  We set aside the need for personal recognition to ensure that the breed continues to flourish through accurate recordkeeping, good sportsmanship and camaraderie amongst fanciers.  Through unification as one under the BBCR, we will not only promote, but honor the dogs and breeders who recognize the significance of quality and how it fosters the development of all breeds represented. So Amy, How would you describe the future of the Shortybull?

Amy: “Bright, very bright!”



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