BBCR Announces the Emergence of the First Tri-Colored Shortybull

20 May BBCR Announces the Emergence of the First Tri-Colored Shortybull

A tri-colored Shortybull. A tri-colored. Shortybull. Seems like a fantasy, seems just about real as a fire breathing dragon or a unicorn.  However, unlike dragons or unicorns, such a dog genuinely exists; and BBCR is excited to introduce this unique animal with dog enthusiasts and breed fanciers alike.

Now, before dismissing this groundbreaking announcement and claiming that the color will hinder all other aspects of the dog; consider that the color point came secondary when producing a sound dog. Color often seems to be the primary focus for many breeders and buyers nowadays- when it comes down to knowledge and familiarity of the breed, it is imperative to understand that this was reached with much scientific deliverance. As director of the Shortybull Amy Krogman states, “through exploration of the embedded genetics present in the breed it was possible to expand the color profile while keeping a committed and knowledgeable focus on bettering the breed with each generation.” 

Introducing a new Shortybull color will surely increase the breed popularity with the general public.  BBCR will work closely with owners, breeders and fanciers of the Shortybull to gauge the enthusiasm over the new introduction. 

As for the health of the breed, BBCR will continually strive to adhere to the best resources possible. “Obviously this registry is continually evolving, and we’re excited that this registry is a part of this historic moment.” quotes Kamerion Wimbley, owner of the Bull Breed Coalition Registry “We look at a dog’s health and care as two very important components in responsible dog breeding and ownership, so we think it’s a plus when you can have a trait that dog lovers want in a breed that doesn’t jeopardize the dog’s well-being.”  BBCR hopes that this announcement will bring on a resurgence of interest within the breed.


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