BBCR Aptitude Test (AT)


There will be three types of testing..

  • Obedience
  • Temperament
  • Ability

Each will have a “graduated” testing style with each test being passed before you can attempt the next.  Each test will be pass/fail. To earn a Pass, the dog/handler team must preform the task included in that test with few or no mistakes, no need for more than one command to achieve the task and no undo correction or control. Anything else including a refusal to preform a task or not preforming task as written or instructed will be a fail.  The team will finish the test so the dog “wins” and the handler will gain experience for the next time. No matter the outcome a evaluation sheet will be filled out and given to the handler the day of show as well as returned to office.


BBCR Aptitude Test Guidelines (AT)


In this test the canine and handler team will be asked to perform tasks demonstrate a basic level of obedience and socialization will a small level of evaluation of the “nerve” level of the dog.  In these tasks the handler is a support tool of the dog and should give appropriate encouragement and direction but will not intervene or correct the dog in order to successfully achieve the goal but is encouraged to give praise and direction at appropriate points during the evaluation.


  1. Accept A Friendly StrangerMay include one or more of the following; the canine/handler team will be approached by or will approach a non threatening person.  The canine must allow the person to shake the hand of the handler without undue apprehension, will allow the stranger to give appropriate affection such as a pat, stroke or caress while speaking to the dog.  The dog should remain calm and alert, be receptive and show interest in the stranger without being overly exuberant or apprehensive.
  2. Functional Movement– Canine should show good movement and ability to travel appropriate to its breed.  Dogs must be shown at various speeds of movement (i.e. walk, jog, run).  It should cover ground in instructed direction and pattern as instructed by the evaluator.  The movement should be free of physical abnormality, should be willing to move with the handler without excessive lagging or pulling ahead and causing the handler to exert undue energy to control the dog.
  3. Group ExerciseTeam will walk through a crowd of people or join a group conversation.  May also include the presence of other dogs, children etc.  Dog should remain calm and relaxed.
  4. Neutral DogTeam will be approached or will approach a non aggressive dog.  The other handler may pass by or engage in friendly exchange.  The dog can show interest but should remain under control and not display undue aggression or enthusiasm.  Should not require handler intervention other than minimal command or correction.
  5. Submissive PoseThe dog should willingly allow their handler to place them in a submissive pose such as on their back and relax there.
  6. Startle and RecoveryCanine will be evaluated by its ability to recover from a loud unexpected noise.


This test may be giving in any order, and the order may vary between dogs being shown.


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