BBCR Breeder Profiles

27 Sep BBCR Breeder Profiles



It is remarkable how the smallest things can bring the most like-minded people together. The unity between owners and their dogs have always unfolded the most touching journeys; making the conformation shows less about winning or losing and more about the dynamic between each attendant and their dogs. BBCR intends to bring such stories to light in hopes of showcasing just how powerful dedication and commitment can be.

The need for unification is the very motivation behind a new series of videos that BBCR will be releasing within the coming months. By commemorating handlers and owners, the registry hopes to use these videos to highlight the dedicated members of the community who have made dog showing their pride and passion.

“Through serving our registrants we have developed a great rapport with many of the breeders, handlers, and owners within the dog community.  These videos will highlight the different breeders and help other people become familiar with the faces that make up our diverse Bully forum.” adds Kamerion Wimbley, CEO.

Lately, we have seen the BBCR implementing one idea after another. This company has been the definition of taking small steps and creating innovative strides in the Bully game. From strong social media presence over the last couple of months to interactive conformation shows, the BBCR does not shy away from being an entirely user-friendly registry.

From the beginning this idea of becoming user-friendly has been the ultimate goal. The company has always looked out for efforts that connect people together, and allowing dog shows to become a community event. Wimbley continues to emphasize that “it is the BBCR’s hope that viewers will find these documentaries both entertaining and educational.”

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