BBCR Breeders Profiles

06 Jan BBCR Breeders Profiles


“Through serving our registrants, we have developed an excellent rapport with many of the breeders, handlers, and owners within the dog community.  These videos will highlight the different breeders and help other people become familiar with the faces that make up our extended Bully forum.”

Kamerion Wimbley, CEO.

A new year calls for a new Breeder Profile to showcase. This time, the registry spent time with Selene Suarez and Carlos Ugalde of Shangri-La Bulls of Homestead, Florida. The couple started showing with BBCR with the first American Bullies Against Bullying show in Davie, FL last year. In this video, Suarez explains that her favorite aspect of the BBCR is the feeling of family and inclusion.

“The BBCR has brought in people from all over the world to show in their registry, without being offended by other registries. We can all join in as a family and still support other registries,” claims Suarez

The breeder has found that the perfect way to care for their American Bully is by dedicating the time and effort to tend to it, and thus have raised their Kennel in a farmland setting. The American Bully was an extension of the American Pitbull Terrier and has the combined temperament of the APBT and other Bulldog breeds like the English Bulldog and American Bulldog. They are noted for their extreme tolerance with children and is highly protective, making it the ideal family companion.

Selene is often in the ring herself with her American Bully “The Bully Market Sun_Tzu,” a powerful combination of Suarez Bull’s Master Shifu and CBB’s Nina of the Bully Market. Continuing their support for the BBCR, Shangri-La Bulls will be in attendance of the upcoming shows throughout the year.

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