BBCR Breeders Profiles

04 Oct BBCR Breeders Profiles

“Through serving our registrants we have developed an excellent rapport with many of the breeders, handlers, and owners within the dog community.  These videos will highlight the different breeders and help other people become familiar with the faces that make up our different Bully forum.”

Kamerion Wimbley, CEO.

BBCR is motivated to showcase dedicated handlers and owners who have made dog showing their pride and passion. Hence, BBCR has been working on a series of documentary-style videos that feature breeders of varying degrees. The company has always looked out for efforts that connect people together and allowing dog shows to become a community event.

The very latest BBCR breeder profile features Karen Licciardi as she explains why The Olde English Bulldog was the right breed for her.

The breed is well known for its loyalty and allows for an excellent companion to children and adults. It was the popular breed of choice in the 13th century for the old sport of “Bull-Baiting” which was banned with the Cruelty to Animals Act in 1835. The breed was on the verge of extinction when in 1865 efforts were made to save the race.

Highly intelligent, this breed can be trained with ease and are much less aggressive now than their old counterparts. Licciardi emphasizes that Olde English Bulldogs are a happy-go-lucky breed with minimal health issues, and extreme energy.

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