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BBCR Bully Blueprint Expo a Successful, Family Event


The latest event for dog owners everywhere was an undeniable success, bringing together dog enthusiasts and trainers alike in one large, family-friendly atmosphere. The BBCR Bully Blueprint Expo at the North Atlanta Trade Center in November featured two BBCR-sanctioned conformation shows, a weight pull competition and various performance demonstrations. This year’s expo wasn’t particularly large, with 56 booths being purchased by bully owners and demonstrators, but established an atmosphere that the BBCR is proud to carry on to future events.


The event also featured owners and dogs from all across the United States. The conformation show was the day’s main attraction, with some dogs and owners coming from as far as Hawaii to vie for the honor of Best in Show. The show featured Shortybulls, American and Classic Bullies and professional judges who were charged with making the difficult placing decisions. When the shows were over, the first Best in Show title was awarded to a Shortybull named Bullit, and the second was awarded to a standard American Bully named Joker. Victor Dog Food and Holiday Originals were on hand to provide the food and awards for the shows, respectively.



The BBCR Bully Blueprint Expo wasn’t just about the conformation shows, however. An indoor weight pull competition along with an obedience and defense of handler competition gave the pit bulls a chance to flex their muscles and show off their skills. John Letcher, a BBCR performance event expert, was on hand to provide his insight on the events for all of those in attendance. This gave the show a high level of professionalism that added a great element of excitement to the competition.


Many participants commented on the relaxed and calm feel of the event, particularly the outstanding showing of good sportsmanship by all of the competitors in the day’s contests. It was truly a family-friendly event, and there were in fact many full families in attendance.



This great sportsmanship was most obvious in the comments made by John Letcher, a first-time BBCR attendant.

“I had a wonderful time at the show this weekend. As a newbie to the bully world, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” he said. “What I got was a wonderful time meeting new people, a ton of knowledge about all of the dogs and new friends. I look forward to working with everyone in the future.”


The family-friendly nature of the day was also quite present in some Junior Handlers that showcased their dogs. A large number of future BBCR leaders were able to get some hands-on experience during the day, whether in the show ring or just hanging out with the dogs and sharing their love. The amount of children at BBCR shows will significantly increase with the introduction of the Junior Handler division, and the BBCR is pleased to have the support of entire families, and not just the trainers.


Overall, the BBCR Bully Blueprint Expo was exactly what its name suggests—a blueprint for how the BBCR would love all of its events to go. The dogs were well-behaved and well-trained, the owners were friendly and professional, all of the attendants had a great time and there was a professional atmosphere that allowed everybody to have a lot of fun. Thank you to everybody who made the trip out, and we hope to see you at more BBCR events in the future!


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