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For those that competed within any BBCR sanctioned show and received free registration,  all paperwork  must be turned in within 30 days of the show in order to receive points and BBCR official permanent registration at no cost to you. 

For more information on how you can host BBCR Sanctioned Conformation Shows in your area email us at

French Bulldogs


English Bulldogs

American Bulldogs (by variety)

  • Standard
  • Classic

Olde English Bulldogge

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

Cano Corso

Neapolitan Mastiff

American Bully (by variety)

  • XL
  • Pocket
  • Standard

Females To Completion

Males To Completion

Best of Winners

BOW pick will move to Best in Breed against CH and GRCH winners

Champion Class (Both sexes compete)

Grand Champion Class (Both sexes compete)


  • Handler must be the breeder of dog on recordq
  • Handler does not have to be the registered owner of dog
  • Should the handler not be the breeder on record points will be awarded to the reserve breeder
  • Dogs must be at least one year of age
  • There is only one class per each breed, all ages over a year old and both sexes compete together
  • Bred By Class will show for its breed, just before the Best Of Breed Competition, Then Best Bred By In Show will go on just before the Best In Show competition
  • All other applicable conformation rules apply to this class

Awards To Be Given

  • Ribbons for Best Bred By for each Breed
  • Ribbons for Reserve Best Bred By For each Breed -Ribbons for Best Bred By in Show
  • Ribbons for Reserve Best Bred By In Show


  • 10 points will be awarded to the Regular Classes
  • 20 points will be awarded to the Best Male/Female
  • 20 points will be awarded to Best of Winners

Bred By Class **New** 

The BBCR is proud to announce this special class that we will be offering at all conformation shows. This class is the Bred By Class. The Bred By Class is offered for our much respected breeders to come out and show pride in the stock that they are producing. To get the recognition that they deserve.

The Bred By Class is not a class to enter into to attain points towards conformation titles. This is a special class that is offered, held during the conformation show. This class will be judged just before each breeds Best of Breed competition.

This class is a competition to recognize the top breeders of each breed. Here at the BBCR we feel that quality productions not quantity is what counts. Winning the Bred By Class will earn you point towards breeder of the year, for each respective breed. The points will be kept track of through out the show season. Then at the end of the show year, the results will be totaled.

We feel that breeders active in the show conformation community deserve recognition. The BBCR would like to reward our active breeders. Thus the reason for the creation of this class.

Conformation Event Guidelines


All BBCR sanctioned shows will follow a set order.  This will allow exhibitors a knowledge of what to expect and when to be ready for their classes.  An establish order of show will create a show that flows well, saves time in instructing participants of “who, what, when and where” and enables our exhibitors to have confidence that BBCR shows are organized and run effectively.



Each Judge will be expected to judge one breed, which will included both sexes and where applicable all varieties within that breed.  The Best In Show judge will be selected by a BBCR representative. The judge and host will be notified in a period of time, no more than one hour prior and no less than twenty minutes before the calling of the B.I.S class to ring. The determination will be made by:

  1. Judges experience or affiliation with the breeds and dogs present that day
  2. Judges experience with the breeds present
  3. BBCR representative’s overall feeling about the judge’s performance and interactions in the ring

Judges and Representatives List

This should be considered a honor and handled with the utmost respect and consideration to the present event.

Both BBCR Judges and Representative will be well familiar with the height parameters of the breeds and varieties.  All dogs that are not currently BBCR certified to a class must be measured by wicket ringside by a BBCR official, trained in the appropriate use and reading of a wicket.  It will be witnessed by the Rep and Judge and the variety certification sheet will be documented, signed by all parties and submitted to the BBCR following the show, so the determination can be permanently recorded on that dog’s records for future reference.

Shows must start within 30 minutes of the posted starting time and will keep a flow consistent with the comfort of the handlers and their dogs.


It is the job of BBCR Representative to manage the overall flow of the show and keep things professional and positive. They will oversee all aspect of the BBCR sanctioned show and work together with the host and venue staff to make a good experience for all in attendance. The Representative will be responsible for all BBCR paperwork.


A Judge’s job is mainly within the show ring however, they should be available for questions and education after their events have concluded.  Prior to their events beginning, the Judge(s) should make strong effort to avoid examining dogs, any physical interaction with dogs or handlers, wandering the venue or socializing at length with any person or group.  A “station” will be provided by the host for the judges to wait, study, rest, etc at all events it is advised to stay in or close to this area prior to your events beginning.  The BBCR and rep will ensure this station is clean, comfortable and accommodating to needs so your time there will be enjoyable.  It is advisable when possible for judges to not arrive at event sooner than 1 hour prior to start time so you are rested, fresh and comfortable at start time.  As well as the obvious, by not “lingering” about the venue there can be no rumors of suspect affiliation or prejudging.


Both judges and reps should be in communication with each other and the event host/staff so a clear timeline and any deadlines are understood and plan is in place to meet those deadlines.


Information on entering our judges and representatives programs please email

“It is an exciting program and I have learned a lot just working on the creation of the program. It will involve why you would like to become a judge, study guides on breeds, situational tests, quizzes, random question, apprenticeship and a final review. Judges will be certified in each breed type that they would like to. This is a program for you so applicants will be able to reach the goals that they set.”

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