Steps to Hosting a BBCR Show

Steps to Hosting a BBCR Show


When it comes to hosting a show for the Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR), there are many questions. First, we must receive an application for BBCR Club/ Kennel before your show date can be scheduled. All shows require that a BBCR representative be present, and the hosting club must contact the judge and representative in order to go over the details of hiring them to work the show.


Naturally, the first question that arises is, “What is the cost?” This varies from show to show, depending on the venue, concessions, amenities provided, and so on. Hosting agents often receive donations from kennels, and they may also elect to charge an entrance fee in order to recover their costs.


The first step is to fill out a Host Event Packet. This includes information about host requirements and fees, and determining which breeds/classes will be able to compete in conformation. Then the hosting club must choose BBCR judges for each breed and show, keeping in mind that each judge can judge no more than one show.


Before filling out the Dog Show Set Up Form, the host should select a location and provide the BBCR with the following information: venue name, size of venue, a point of contact at the venue, and the name chosen for the event.


It is also important to provide an estimate of the expected number of attendees. Will it be a public or private event? What is the event admission price? Your set prices should be made available to both the BBCR and the point of contact at the venue.


Other factors to consider are the cost per dog show entry, whether on a per dog or per show basis, or both. Please note whether the event is one or two days, and whether there will be one, two, or three shows per day.


If the show will have booths, it’s also important to let BBCR and the venue know this in advance. You must provide tables and chairs if the venue does not. If you have booths, will you have piping and drapes for them? Standard size booths are 10×10. You should be aware of the cost of the booths, and provide that information when applying.


Show rings are always a requirement, and you will need them for each event. Standard show rings are 50×50. You may also elect to provide a DJ and music. Another technical consideration is that you must have microphones and speakers to be able to call for contenders to come to the ring.


Many venues require security, so you must make sure you have some form of security. Entertainment for children is another typical consideration: many event hosts offer face painting, educational groups, games, and/or gift bags.


The awards for the dogs are also part of the host’s responsibilities. You will need to have ribbons for all classes: 1st – 3rd; Best Male; Best Female; Reserved Male; Reserved Female; Best of Breeds; Best of Winners; Champion; Grand Champion; Best of (XL, Extreme, Pocket & Standard); Best in Show; and a kids’ “Fun Show” conformation.


Trophies must include Best in Show but are not limited to Best in Show. Other trophies may include Best of Breeds and Best Winner.


BBCR highly recommends making a check list and flyer for the venue, including setup times – when you and guests are allowed to come in and set up for the show – as well as relevant information about any concessions. If these are not provided by the venue, you will be asked for a list of the vendors who will provide services.


Insurance for the event is a must, and the hosting club must provide hotel, travel, and payment for judges, as follows:

$100.00 – BBCR Sanctioned Show – $50.00 any extra show (60 days prior to event date) (2 Show Limit)

$25.00 – Penalty if Host Requirements are not met.

$150.00 – BBCR Official Representative Fee – $25.00 any extra Breed (due day of the show) *plus travel expenses (travel must be paid two weeks prior to show date)

$200.00 – BBCR Certified Judge Fee – $50.00 extra for BIS Judge, when at multi-breed show (due day of show) *plus travel expenses (travel must be paid two weeks prior to show date)

Finally, the hosting club should be in contact with their BBCR rep well in advance of the show date, and make sure the rep is informed of any and all actions being taken before, during and after the show.


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