BBCR gets to Vegas for the first show

22 Nov BBCR gets to Vegas for the first show

It’s great to see growth occurring. We’ve never been to Vegas before. For us to go out and get to meet new dog owners is pretty special. Seeing what we saw in Vegas gives us what we need to see in order to establish an annual or bi-annual shows in that city.
There’s a great opportunity for strong growth in the near future due to the city and the billions coming in from construction. For example, the construction of the $1.9 billion stadium began in September 2017 and is expected to be completed in time for the 2020 NFL season.

Gustavo Hernandez, with On A Mission Bullys, competed in the BBCR Viva Las Bully event held on November 4, 2017, winning both BIS, under Amy Krogman and Skip Miller. Then turned around two weeks later and attended the BBCR March of the Bullies 2 and won BIS under Jose Gomez. “The Bully Markets Mr. Hyde” Standard, American Bully, 2-3 years male is now BBCR’s newest Champion. Congratulations to Gustavo Hernandez!

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