BBCR IDH Trials & Titles

 (Instinctive Defense Of Handler)


BBCR IDH will consist of three levels.  Each must be passed in order before moving on.  When a trial is passed successfully that title will be added to the dogs registered name; i.e. Yellowruns Big Joe IDH1. None of the tests will exaggerate the “bite work” side of working dogs so as not to give off a negative public image.  Any tasks that can be associated with aggression will be done off venue of not during the hours of the conformation show to ensure there is no misunderstanding about the temperament or level of professionalism of a conformation event.

BBCR Instinctive Defense Of Handler (IDH1)


  • The overall goal of IDH1 is to establish that the testing dog is of stable temperament necessary in the working canine.
  • The dog should display acceptance of non threatening strangers.
  • Dog should display the ability to recover, in an acceptable time, from a unexpected noise or series of noises without running, cowering or becoming overly worried and agitated.
  • Dog should display a natural desire to come to the defense of it’s handler when approached in a threatening way. Handler is allowed to talk and touch the dog to make them alert on the helper. Dog should not lose its focus on the helper.
  • Dog should show desire and intention to protect the handler without fear or apprehension.
  • Dog should display the ability regain a calm state following being menaced in an acceptable amount of time.
  • Dog should display the desire to remain assertive toward a threat when menaced with a “weapon” and regain calm state following the threat being removed.


BBCR Instinctive Defense Of Handler (IDH2)


The same tasks in IDH1 while adding the element of appropriate reactive action when the threat persists.

  • Accept a non threatening stranger
  • Recover from sharp, unexpected noise
  • Display natural desire to act in defense of handler
  • Regain calm state when threat is removed
  • Display assertive nature when faced with a “weapon”
  • A stranger will surprise the dog/ handler team by appearing from hiding spot on the field, the dog must become assertive and engage the threat when encouraged to by handler.  The dog should act swiftly and without reservation
  • Dog will release hold on the stranger and return to the control of the handler, remaining alert and prepared, but under the control of the handler.
The IDH2 introduces the commands for attack and out.

BBCR Instinctive Defense Of Handler (IDH3)


Repeats the basic steps of levels 1 and 2 while adding three new steps that define the natural ability and desire of the canine to protect it’s handler.
  • Handler will distance himself from the dog while leaving it in the control of a stranger.  Handler will then be “attacked” by a stranger who appears suddenly from a hiding spot.  Dog will be ordered released by handler and must show defense of handler by directly intervening in the attack.  Dog must readily engage and make contact through biting the stranger in order to deflect the threat.  Dog will be confident to withstand retaliation from the stranger and hold resolve to defend handler.  Dog must then show the ability to accept command to end the attack when the threat is ended and recover to a calm but attentive state of mind.
  • When the handler has regained control of the dog, the threatening stranger will retreat and without warning, re-engage the team.  Dog must without hesitation go back into high level of handler defense and engage the stranger again.  Handler will again take control of the dog and the threat will leave the field. The step concludes with regain of calm state.
  • Finally, the team will walk calmly down the field and again be approached by a non threatening stranger and dog should not show agitation or undo excitement.


BBCR IDH Trials Information and Documents

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Event Host Packet

Judges/Rep/Host Agreement

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Judge/Reps IDHT/OBT Booklet

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