BBCR Showtime Interviews

01 Mar BBCR Showtime Interviews

The BBCR takes a look into the dog world through the eyes of Scandinavia’s Very Own Cynthia pinto Carpio.


When did you first fall in love with dogs?

I have always had a special place in my heart for all animals, especially for dogs. When I was young, many of my friends had dogs and, of course, I wanted one of my own. It took many years before my mother finally agreed to buy me a puppy. I remember the day we got him like it was yesterday. He was an Australian Kelpie/German Shepherd mixed breed and I named him Rocky. Rocky was really smart, he learned new tricks every day and was always eager to please. One day I noticed a change in him, his mentality had changed and I could not understand what was happening to my dog, so I started searching for someone who had knowledge about dogs and could help me. After some researching, I found a man who worked at a dog shelter and specialized in “problem dogs.” He explained to me that my dog needed much more physical and mental stimulation because of his breeding. He offered to train him to be a detection dog. I knew he needed a more experienced owner so I gave him away to be trained as a detection dog. I never saw him again, but I followed his career until the day he died. Because of Rocky, I learned the importance of choosing a breed that you can handle, understand and really do research about the breed that you want to own. My interest in different breeds e and understanding them grew after Rocky. I have had many different breeds since that time, from a little Yorkshire terrier to a Golden Retriever to Dogo Argentino. They are all beautiful and all very different from each other. And thanks to every one of them, I have learned a lot about dogs. Today I activate all of my dogs with different kinds of activities such as weight pulling, blood tracking, bite work and soon two of my dogs will be competing in weight pull.

Cynthia pinto Carpio

***One of my American Bullys is also the FIRST and ONLY American Bully in Sweden to have gone through a Mental Evaluation organized by the Swedish Kennel Club. Mental dog evaluation is an assessment that provides a clear picture of a dog’s mental state. This test was designed for working breeds, GSD, Rottweiler, Dobermann and so on, but is also very useful for other breeds. This mental evaluation describes the behaviors that are known to be hereditary and gives the owner thorough knowledge of “who they have at the other end of the leash”.

When did you become involved in dog conformation shows?

When I was young, the mother of my best friend was a Lhasa Apso and Briard breeder. I remember seeing her grooming her dogs and training them and looking at all her ribbons and awards. I did not really understand what dog conformation shows were until years later, when one of my friends who owned an American Bully asked me to show his female named Angel in a dog conformation show organized by the Swedish American Bully Kennel Club. I did not have any time to prepare, so I just observed how the other handlers did and I went in the ring. Angel took first place in her category. I was very nervous entering the ring but it was a great feeling and I was very proud of Angel and myself afterward. After that, I knew I wanted to continue so I started showing my own dogs and my friend’s dogs. Today our Cane Corso female is a Swedish and Nordic winner and I take every opportunity I can to show my American Bullys and my Olde English Bulldog in conformation shows in Sweden and other European countries.

When I bought my first American Bully, I got more involved with the breed and, shortly after that, I was asked to join the board for the American Bully Kennel Club here in Sweden. After some time, I was elected president and we changed our name to Scandinavia Bully Kennel Club. Today we are nine board members and have included the American Bulldog and Olde English Bulldog in our club. I love working for the breeds and organizing conformation shows, as well as the seminars, working events and mentality tests for all our breeds. We believe that conformation shows should be combined with knowledge about the breeds that you are breeding and also mental and physical health.

How did you learn about BBCR?

My friend who owned an American Bully named Angel introduced me to the beautiful breed that is the American Bully. I started to do some research about the breed and found Marco Suarez from Suarez Bulls Kennel. It took me about two years before I bought my first American Bully from Marco Suarez. In these two years, I continued to research the breed and the different registries. I soon realized that there was a big difference between all the registries and I felt that the BBCR was different from the others in a very positive way. After attending different shows from different registries in Europe, I then traveled to the U.S and attended BBCR shows there; for me, it was just how I wanted a dog conformation show to be – for the dogs, about the dogs and everyone just having fun together in an environment suitable for dogs.

Everyone I had the pleasure to meet was very kind and helpful. The judges I met talked about the breed with much passion and they took the time to educate about the breed, which is the most important thing, especially with such a young breed. When I see people who are involved with the breed and the judges taking their time to educate others, I know that they are doing it because they have a passion for the dogs and want to better the breed. When I experienced that, I knew that the BBCR was the registry for me.

What do you feed your dogs?

Dogs are carnivores and they should eat accordingly. I want all my dogs to live a long and healthy life and I want to be in control of what they eat and ensure that they get all the sufficient nutrition that a dog is biologically created to eat, which is raw meat, bones, organs and vegetables also called B.A.R.F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). I also add some supplements, depending on the dog’s needs and age. I mostly add Omega-3 fish oil and Vitamin C. For my puppies and senior dogs, I add some other supplements accordingly to their need.

When feeding B.A.R.F. I can take away all the unnecessary ingredients that a dog does not need, which can cause them to develop allergies, skin problems, stomach problems, etc. I can also be sure that there are not any ingredients such as grain, additives or preservatives that are not necessary for dogs. What I love about B.A.R.F., besides being the healthiest choice for my dogs, is that it is easy to adjust what you give to a specific dog depending on the dog’s needs.

The most common changes in a dog that eats B.A.R.F. are better health, improved immune system, healthier skin, cleaner teeth and, for dogs with allergies, digestion problems and other issues, B.A.R.F. is a great choice that can help with these problems. The most important thing to have in mind when feeding according to B.A.R.F. is to know how to balance the food and how much of everything to give so the dog receives a balanced meal.

What can people expect to see at your BBCR-sanctioned dog show?

We want our BBCR-sanctioned shows to be as professional and great as the big international shows around the world. That’s the quality and standard we strive for.

Our goal at the Scandinavian Bully Kennel Club is to make sure everyone feels welcomed and that everyone has a great time showing their dogs when they come to our shows. We want each and every person who attends to be confident that, when they enter the show ring, there will always be a professional and competent judge evaluating their dogs fairly.

We take every opportunity we can in our shows to inform and educate about the breeds, and about the different kinds of training that people can do with their dogs. At our recent shows, we have invited weight pull trainers to deliver a brief presentation of the sport weight pull and invited several visitors to try it with their own dogs as well. We also had a presentation of the importance of doing a mentality test of dogs that are going to be used in a breeding program.

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