BBCR to Host Historic Nationals in 2017?

31 Aug BBCR to Host Historic Nationals in 2017?

Will BBCR Host It’s First Nationals in 2017?
     A growing amount of speculation now surrounds BBCR regarding the registry holding it’s first nationals in the upcoming year. 2016 has been an incredible year for the company as it increased show numbers in the US and abroad.
     CEO Kamerion Wimbley’s recent comments lead registrants to believe that nationals could be in the works.  “At BBCR, we truly believe that listening to the registrants warrants an extremely important component to the company’s success as an international registry. We are strong on so many grounds, but in order to continue forward at the rate which we are capable, we will need to have a show circuit in place that allows the showcase of the dogs in their program.”
      Within Facebook, the BBCR group and official business page have seen huge spikes in following with this year’s lineup of BBCR sanctioned shows. Best of Breed winners have received due recognition and have benefitted from being displayed on the various BBCR platforms. Registrants seem to understand the link between the registry and the increased support for their show winners. Thus, more and more handlers are turning to BBCR.
      Hosting a BBCR nationals in 2017 will allow the registry to not only keep growing in size, but will allow the company to keep giving back to an even larger number of Bully breed enthusiasts. Your guess is good as any; only time will reveal every answer.

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