BBCR to Increase Number of U.S. Judges

11 Mar BBCR to Increase Number of U.S. Judges

BBCR to Increase Number of U.S. Judges

With the planned increase in the number of 2016 BBCR confirmation shows, BBCR is announcing that it also plans to increase the number of judges functioning within the registry.


Under the current point system, in order to complete your dog’s championship, your dog needs three competition wins and a minimum of one hundred points under at least three judges. To achieve Grand Champion status, a competitor must win five Champion classes with competition at five different shows, with those wins earned under at least three different BBCR judges.

In recent years, the BBCR has had more international judges on its roster than judges based in the U.S. It makes sense, when you consider that over the last few years the BBCR has had more shows outside the country than at home.

Owner Marco Suarez, who currently oversees the international show aspect of the registry, has been able to steadily increase the BBCR’s exposure abroad since joining the company in 2014.

After acquiring a majority interest of the BBCR through KW Growth Holdings LLC, owner Kamerion Wimbley immediately turned his attention to increasing the amount of BBCR sanctioned conformation shows within the U.S. Now he has to focus on increasing the number of judges for the increased number of shows.

“We’ve been fortunate to have a great team of judges up to this point,” said Wimbley. “We feel confident that all of them are more than qualified to judge the breeds that this registry encompasses.”

As for where the new judges will come from, Wimbley offered a bit of insight. “We have been approached by judges from several other registries who have a serious interest in joining the BBCR. We’re in talks with these candidates, reviewing bios and résumés at this time. We are fortunate to have such a high level of interest from so many credible judges.”



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