Breeder’s Code Of Ethics


The purpose of the BBCR Breeder’s Code of Ethics is to serve as a oath, as an owner, and shall serve as a guideline for a minimum standard of care in the ownership, breeding and sales of both puppies and adult stock. It is imperative we accept the highest level of accountability in ownership. The following standards shall be the measuring tool for all breeders that operate within the BBCR.


  1. I will maintain the highest possible standards of health, cleanliness and care in my kennel. This includes, but is not limited to proper veterinary care, handling and exposure to other scenarios to ensure proper socialization of all my dogs that I will only offer for placement dogs with mental stability and solid temperament to best represent the breed in a positive way.
  2. I will offer and honor a comprehensive health guarantee with each dog/puppy that leaves my kennel. It is the breeders discretion as to the parameters of this guarantee but should include a responsible plan for dogs/puppies that are effected by genetic issues. Breeder should have any dogs/puppies leaving their facility examined by a knowledgeable, qualified veterinarian with in 5 days of departure to ensure you are offering a healthy and injury free animal to the new owner. Breeders should also Urge all buyers to have all dog/puppies sold to be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt with a statement from examining veterinarian to be returned to breeder for inclusion in permanent file of that sale.
  3. I will deliver or ship only dogs/puppies that are free of injury, illness, parasites internal or external and that are sound in temperament and socialization.
  4. I will provide accurate and unaltered images of the dog/puppy being offered so the buyer may be well informed as to the general appearance and size of the the animal they are being offered.


  1. I will encourage owners to breed only if they have facilities, time and resources to adequately care for a litter and any medical needs that may arise.
  2. I will refuse stud service to any bitch I consider in poor health, physically or mentally unsound, or lacking the necessary breed characteristics as set forth in the specific breed standard.
  3. I will breed my own bitches only when I have a definite goal for improvement of the breed in mind. Never over breeding no matter how sought after the offspring may be when the health and comfort of my bitch may be compromised. I fully understand that I am responsible for keeping and/or finding suitable homes for the resultant puppies.
  4. I will honor studs service contracts by repeating the breeding to either the same stud or one of equal or greater quality if the breeding fails to result in a litter. (A litter should be defined as one of more puppies being conceived as a result of the breeding)
  5. I will retire and or re-home my stock when such time comes as they reach a age where further breeding will be uncomfortable or detrimental to her in any way.
  6. I will have and provide the registry with a permanent documentation of a DNA profile on all males prior to the birth of their eighth litter whether that breeding is done by the owner or semen/ stud services having been sold to another.
  7. I will be a source of information, education and support to those that obtain dogs/puppies from me as well as my fellow breeders.


  1. I will use a sales contract or written agreement in any sale or purchase no matter the stated purpose, age of dog/pup. The sales contract offered should cover guarantees and agreements must be used with a signed copy to each party involved.
  2. I will refuse to sell or recommend breeders who do not conform to the ideals and obligations expressed in this Code and refuse all sales to dog wholesalers and retailers.t;/li>
  3. I will never do a breeding for the sole purpose of financial gain.
  4. I will provide buyers of my Dogs with a pedigree (unless otherwise stated) complete health records, accurate breeding, health testing and registration records, except that
    registration papers my be withheld in the case of limited status, a dog who the parties have agreed in writing will not be bred, until it has been spayed/neutered and
    veterinary confirmation has been provided.
  5. I will provide a copy of the breed Standard to accompany any puppy or adult dog sold by me.
  6. I will encourage and invite the new owners of any dog sold by me to attend some type of training class and to join in becoming guardians of the Breed by participating in local dog club activities, shows and events offered by not only the BBCR but breed fancier organizations and local clubs.
  7. I will assure puppy buyers that if at any time the buyer has to place the dog, the breeder must be notified and
    given the opportunity to re-acquire the dog/puppy or help the buyer in placing the dog in a satisfactory home.

As breeders, we are the facilitators of the future of our breed, this should not be taken lightly nor entered into with out great consideration to the overall outcome of our own personal productions but also that of the breed. We must establish a high bar by which others will measure not only the breed but also the BBCR and you as a professional.

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