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1st Annual Pediatric Brain Tumor Awareness Bully Show

bc16Baytown, TX

Host: Lil Man Bullies



BBCR and Lil Man Bullies Aim to ‘Bully Their Way to a Cure’


The BBCR exists to spread love for and knowledge of the bull breeds located all over the United States, but there are some causes that touch all of us on a level that goes far beyond our love for the dogs. On December 3, the BBCR hosted an event titled “Bully Our Way to a Cure,” a day-long bully show and event intended to raise funds for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a child-specific form of brain cancer.


Bully lovers from all over traveled to Baytown, Texas to take part in the event. The host of the event was “Lil Man Bullies,” a group run by Blandon Shaffer, who lost a son to DIPG.


“The vision for this show was not only to host a competitive event for great dogs, but also more to educate the community about the reality of DIPG and honor my son Christian as well as all children who have fought valiantly,” said Shaffer. “All proceeds from the show and auctions will be given to Texas Children’s Hospital to help in the research in hopes of finding a cure so that no other families have to suffer the loss we did.”


The spirit of the Shaffer family was definitely present at the event. A booth was set up to honor Christian’s fight with DIPG and to inform attendees about the devastating effects that the disease can have. A young boy named Dylan, who is currently engaged in a battle against DIPG, was the special guest for the day, and his spirit was extremely infectious for all who were fortunate enough to meet him. The atmosphere of the entire event was extremely pleasant, even though many attendees were competing against each other in the conformation show.


The show was judged by Mr. Larry Schweed. It was an officially BBCR-sanctioned show and included Shortybulls, American Bullies and Classic Bullies. An award belt was given away to the winners, as well as the title for the year and free entry into next year’s show as the defending champion. There was also a Fun Show with a special award bc1being given to the “Bulliest Beast.”


One of the most popular items of the day was a silent auction for a game ball from this year’s Super Bowl, signed by members of the defending champion Green Bay Packers. There were also many vendors on hand with canine supplies, bully gear and custom collars, and artist Curtis Bruce was on hand with some of his work.


There’s no doubt that this will be an event to look forward to in the years to come. Blandon in particular was pleased with how the day turned out.


“The event was a great success,” he said. “We were able to raise a nice amount of money for the Children’s Hospital DIPG research division, enjoy a positive atmosphere and compete against some very impressive dogs. I am excited about what next year will hold for Bully Our Way to a Cure show. I am sure that together, Lil Man Bullies and the BBCR will make this event an honor for those who were lost and an event that owners and spectators look forward to being part of.”



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