BULLY KING Magazine to Celebrate Halloween with BBCR

29 Sep BULLY KING Magazine to Celebrate Halloween with BBCR

As the anticipated Spooky Boo-lly Halloween event comes closer and closer, BBCR is starting to announce the feature additions to the conformation show.

We’ve already learned about the kid’s and dog Halloween costume contests, the candy corn raffle which offers a free year of MemberPlus Membership as a prize. It is now confirmed that the well-known BULLY KING Magazine will be joining in and making an appearance at the show.

BULLY KING Magazine burst onto the scene in 2015 becoming the Fastest Growing New Magazine. BULLY KING reached a milestone 1 million shared articles and an appearance on NBC Channel 3 with their follow up to the original story that made national headlines “The New Breed- The Problem with Designer dog breeding”  with Part II “The Real Side Of The American Bully.” The magazine will be heading into their 5th issue highlighting BBCR’s tremendous growth.

This would give handlers and owners the chance to meet with representatives of the magazine and chat about the bully game. BBCR is known for throwing excellent shows and giving generous prizes to the Best of Breed winners; the magazine and registry’s prize incentive for this show is set to be announced at a later date.

October 29th is leading up to be a big date for everyone. Hope to see everyone out there enjoying fall, Halloween and a whole lot of dogs.


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