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10 Jun Christi bio

BBCR Judge/ Rep Christi Colley






Phone: (785) 249-5911


Zone: Midwest (Kansas)



Hello BBCR followers, I want to take a minute to introduce myself and tell you a little about me.  My name is Christi Colley and I hail from the wheat state.. Kansas.  That’s right born and raised right here in the middle of tornado alley.  Along with my passion for dog events, I am also currently studying to be a nurse.  I know after school life will get crazy but rest assured I will stay deeply involved in the sport of showing dogs.

I grew up never knowing what it was like to not love animals. I am sure my family will tell you I was the self appointed “rescue” for any animal I could find.  I would bring it home and do my best to convince my parents to let me keep whatever creature it was.  We had a dog in our family for as long as I can remember which was the start to exploring all aspects of the canine world.  By the time I turned 18 I had my first Rottweiler, a breed I had long admired.  Mason was a incredible companion and I was very happy to be a “pet owner”.  Then, an incident in our town involving two Rottweilers in fatal mauling  made me realize that it was up to me as a owner to be a example for the breed I loved. I began obediance classes and found I enjoyed it a lot. I even had a knack for helping others solve their training problems.  I was hired as a obediance trainer at K9 Obediance center and over time became very involved in the training of personal protection dogs.  During this time, fate delt me a cruel blow and my boy Mason was diagnosed with bone cancer.  To save his life I was forced to make the choice to have his hind leg amputated which brought his career as my canine traing partner to a halt. Enter the American bulldogs.. Jerico and Diva came to be part of my life and exposed me to the sport of hog catching which we still do when we get the opportunity.  It was soon after the surgery to remove his leg it became clear I had a decision to make and I said good bye to my boy.  Even having my American bulldogs, I greatly missed the one on one relationship I had with Mason and the opportunity came to have a Presa Canario “Kilo” became my new project.  Over the last seven years we have competed extensively in obedience, personal protection, tracking and therapy work.  He is one of the most titled Presas in the US and that is something I take great pride in.  Spending 5 years working as a veterinary assistant I was fortunate to gain valuable knowledge in husbandry, preventative care and overall management of my dogs. I enjoy sharing all of my experiences with others and help people as they join the crazy world of breeding and showing dogs.  I am a firm believer in education and responsible ownership.  Dogs that have a role are happier and more stable pets so it is a great privilege for me to have a role in the BBCR and share my experiences and knowledge with others, not to mention make some great friends along the way!

If you find yourself in need of a Rep or Judge for your BBCR event I would be honored to help you make it the best, most well run event it can be.  See you in the ring!

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