Christina Barrow the BBCR’s Director of Representatives

23 Aug Christina Barrow the BBCR’s Director of Representatives

We are delighted to announce the news that Christina Barrow has been selected as Director of Representatives for the Bull Breed Coalition Registry.

Christina came to the BBCR in 2016 and became a representative in 2017. She is married to Moses “Mo” Barrow, Director of Judges for the BBCR.

Originally from Lubbock, TX, Christina currently lives in Raeford, NC, with her husband. “I was introduced to the American Bully in 2007,” she says, “and I helped Mo form Barrow’s Blue Bullies in 2009.”

Christina and Mo both have tremendous experience with breeds in the bully community, particularly American Bullies.

“I have helped whelp numerous litters,” she recalls. “My most difficult, yet most rewarding, litter whelped was the one that produced the legendary Big Poppa and his littermates. I’ve also helped rep shows with different registries, both domestically and internationally.”

 In her newly-appointed position, Christina will be able to mentor future reps and assist them throughout their onboarding process, as well as providing continued support beyond certification.

“I’m excited to become the Director of Reps and I look forward to adding, and working with, new representatives,” says Christina. “I plan to help the BBCR to continue growing. My goals are to make sure that all reps are well educated, and that we all represent the BBCR in the best possible way, while providing excellent customer service.”

At the BBCR, we admire Christina’s humility, and we are truly excited to have such an amazing woman as part of our organization. She is always willing to go the extra mile to assist members in need.

Anyone interested in becoming a representative should think of Christina as a great point of contact for more information, along with the BBCR office.

We welcome Christina and look forward to her future with us.

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