Code Of Ethics

BBCR Code Of Ethics

The job of a registry is to provide, not only a pedigree system to track the lineage of purebred dogs, but more importantly to educate, inspire and develop the breeds it represents. The best and most enjoyable way to do this, is in form of conformation and performance events. The sport of gathering together by breed and engaging in conformation shows can be traced back as far as the late 1800’s. Over the years it has become a much revered way to bring breeders, fanciers and spectators together, to have the breeds they love, evaluated by a Judge who is knowledgeable about the breed, it’s structure and it’s purpose. As with any sport, it is crucial to have a measure that we hold ourselves to. BBCR members must exhibit sportsmanship, camaraderie, respect of others and self, pride in what they stand and uphold the integrity of dog ownership and breeding. This measure or Code of Ethics becomes the blueprint of integrity for each person involved to strive to meet.

BBCR Competition Mission Statement and Code of Ethics:

The BBCR is proud to offer a venue where dog lovers can join together in the spirit of competition, education, and development of our breeds. This is a privilege that should be taken with serious commitment and desire to lead by example to those that are joining the sport and love of the bully breeds.

Official BBCR Code of Ethics:

  1. All participants in BBCR sanctioned events understand the mission statement of the registry, regulations of participation and standards of breeding and showmanship ethics and commit to accept and exemplify these standards at events as well as anytime we are representing our breeds.
  2. Each participant will accept and be open to constructive criticism and advice from others within the organization. While being educated and willing to share honest guidance and appraisal in both strength and weakness of the stock of others within the breed when solicited.
  3. Participants will always uphold a dedication to fair and honest competition.
  4. Participants will research, respect and work toward be knowledgeable in the history, development and tradition of your breeds and the sport of exhibiting.
  5. Participants will be open and welcoming with encouragement, support, and education of newcomers to the BBCR and it’s represented breeds. They will treat and deal fairly with other competitors and those seeking ownership of the offspring of your kennel.
  6. Participants will hold in the highest regard the welfare of their dogs. Quality housing, care, nutrition and maintenance in crucial to our dogs health and well being. This should be paramount in our daily work to become a leader in the breed we follow.
  7. Participants adamantly refuse to act in a way that brings disgrace or shame to the sport, breed or organization at anytime while taking part in the sport of conformation or preform ace events.
  8. Participants should understand from experience that strong competition and high level of sportsmanship are the normal for this organization and strive to exemplify this standard at every opportunity.
  9. Participants will refuse to compromise the impartial opinion of the judge or evaluator with offer of gift, money or public promotion. Further participants will refuse to compromise their personal commitment to the sport by taking personal advantage or consideration into their decisions or behavior in the judging ring or any venue.
  10. Participants declines to enter or exhibit under any judge where a personal, club, breeder, or professional where it might under any circumstance appear that the judges opinion or award may appear to be based on anything other than the merit of the dog offered for evaluation.
  11. Judges will commit themselves to only making decision based on the dogs presented. No other opinion or affiliation should affect the outcome of the event.
  12. Judges will commit themselves to a leadership role and offer fair, honest and impartial advise to anyone who looks to them as leaders and educators. Whether at a event or approached in private you are a professional and should conduct your self as such at all times.
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