Contender Dog Information

BBCR Contender Dog Information

Contender Dog Registration™, with the BBCR, is a option that allows all dogs, regardless of breed, to compete in events such as weight pull trials, obedience trials, performance, and testing and working events. Dogs competing that are of pure breed lineage will be entered into the BBCR archives as such when proof of pedigree is provided from an accepted registry. Dogs such as “Bandogs” or any other “mix” or “composite” breeds and “rescue dogs” are welcome to compete and will be issued certification, but will not be classified as a known breed. Dogs that prove pure breed lineage in other breeds but are not recognised by the BBCR, will have no conformation shows to compete in, as there will be no breed standard maintained by BBCR for conformation ring events. The BBCR will accept litters produced by documented BBCR Contender Dogs and the offspring will be issued certificate of registration, noting ancestors where applicable. The purpose of accepting and tracking pedigrees on these Contender Litters is not to establish these breeds as BBCR conformation breeds, but more over to track the lineage and accomplishments of their sire and dam in areas of working, temperament and drive. Contender Registration Certificates, issued by the BBCR, do not imply the dog is recognized as a breed or that the dog is “purebred”. BBCR Contender Certificates are issued for the sole purpose of tracking the achievements of individual dogs competing for titles within our organization.

Throughout history, people and dogs have shared a relationship like no other. Our canine partners, have in past and still do, serve number of important roles in the lives of their human pack. From the role of faithful companion, protector of flocks, and protection of their master, families, land, and possessions, there is no end in sight to the human need for canines. No matter the role, training is a crucial part of our relationship with canines and one of the most steadfast ways to bond with and lead our dogs. At the BBCR we believe in the importance of a well behaved canine ambassador and believe in the strength of bond that is formed when we actively involve ourselves in training our dogs. Therefore, BBCR Working Events and Titles are open to BBCR Recognized
Conformation Breeds, as well as BBCR registered Contender Dogs. This registration option promotes interaction between canines and owners, while giving many dogs with the drive to compete a place to do so. BBCR IDH/OBT titles will be available in multiple types of training and temperament evaluations, as well as BBCR AT and IBDT
Certifications. For further information, questions or interest in hosting an event please contact the BBCR office.



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