Bulky Built Kennels Cornstarch


Call Name : Cornstarch
Breed : Olde English Bulldogge
D.O.B : June 2, 2011
Sex : Male
Height : 17″
Weight: 78lbs
Color : White & Brindle

Sire : Reda’s D-Ball
Dam : Bulky Built’s Bossy
Kennel : Bulky Built
Owner : Chris Moore


Cornstarch, known for his distinct appearance, is one extraordinary dog. When approached by others about Cornstarch, he is commonly referred  to by his head, muscle tone, body structure; his overall “Bully” appearance. As his appearance may make him look intimidating, he has an awesome temper. When he is around other people he is very playful and friendly, almost reminding you of a young child that never wants to stop playing. When he is around other Bullies, he likes to give himself an ego boost and show his alpha charisma that lives within him.

Cornstarch is also following the paw prints of his legendary father D-Ball. As with D-Ball, Cornstarch has shown to all of us that he is fully capable of reproducing himself in his offspring. In the late summer of  2012, Cornstarch produced his very first litter in which in turn has made him a popular young ” Stud” in the OEB community. Since then, he has successfully produced two more remarkable litters. We will have more awesome breedings in the future as “Cornstarch” puppies are in demand.

Never would I had thought as he was a puppy, Cornstarch would have such a huge following as he matured. Although he may do some dumb things, that I myself question, I look at Cornstarch as my son. He is such an awesome asset to the Bulky Built program; there’s no dollar amount that would be suitable enough for me to give him up! I love that boy!


Thank you everyone for the love and support!

Special thanks to BCCR for the recognition!

-Bulky Built Kennel


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