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DNA testing for dogs can be used to better manage matings, make more informed selection decisions, and discover the correct parentage when in doubt. The BBCR has searched out one of the leaders in canine DNA to provide you a full menu of DNA testing services for use by canine veterinarians, registries, clubs, breeders, and pet-lovers. You can feel confident knowing that your canine friends have the highest quality of testing services available.

Canine DNA Parentage Test

Do you have doubts about the parentage of a recent litter?
Is it possible you may have a multiple-sired litter?
Would you like to offer your purchasers DNA-certified pedigrees?

DNA Parentage Testing for Canines is Fast, Affordable, and Powerful.

Parentage among Canines can be definitively established using PCR technology to compare allele sizes. Our services are using a 16-DNA marker panel for routine parentage testing and keeps an additional 13 markers in reserve for extended testing in cases involving closely related dogs.

Canine sample collection is quick, easy, and painless. Anyone can collect a sample using a buccal swab for collecting cheek cells.

The testing fee is $45 per sample; for example, if a sire, dam and 1 offspring are tested, the total fee is $135. A typical test includes both parents; if the dam or sire is missing, please call us for more information about testing options.

You will receive a detailed Parentage Report showing matches or non-matches along with a detailed explanation of inclusion or exclusion of a sire. DNA Profile Certificates for individuals can be ordered for an additional $10 per certificate.

Canine DNA Profiling (Genotyping)

Note: DNA Profiling will not determine the breeds of a known mixed breed dog. This is the test that is required for BBCR stud dogs siring 8 or more litters in a lifetime or 4 litters in a calendar year.
Would you like to have a permanent, fail-proof ID for your dog?
Canine Profiling (Genotyping) is used to establish a secure, permanent ID for your canine in case it is lost or stolen. Using the same technology we use to establish parentage among canine families, the unique set of allele sizes for the dog are tested and recorded.
Canine sample collection is quick, easy and painless. Anyone can collect a sample using a buccal swab for collecting cheek cells.
The testing fee is $45 per sample. You will receive a detailed Canine Profile (Genotyping) Certificate showing your dog’s unique allele sizes along with an explanation of the results.


Microchip is a one time and lifetime form of identification. Implanting your dogs microchip is as simple as giving a routine vaccination. The microchip is planted under the skin and above the muscle layer where it becomes “attached” and will be in place anytime you might need to prove ownership of your dog or should he ever become lost. There is no other more permanent way to ensure your dog will always find his way home.
As one of a small number of accurate permanent forms of identification, your dog will need to have a microchip implanted prior to collecting and submitting your DNA sample. We offer Home Again microchips on our DNA kit application for your convenience.
1 Chip with Implant Gun (sterile), 1 Microchip Registration Packet …………………… $ 20.00 + S/H n

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