The Bull Breed Registry (BBCR) hosts competitive conformation and obedience shows, both nationwide and abroad. As an entrant, you are afforded the opportunity to earn competition (or performance) titles for the trials. We also offer the Kid-Formation program to grant Jr. Handlers the unique opportunity to work directly under the guidance and advice of our experienced professional judges. This program also enables them to learn the art of showmanship, improve their skills as dog handlers and, develop a standard of sportsmanship.


Conformation shows are designed to compare your dog’s overall appearance and structure to the standard of the breed, which helps suggest the likelihood that he will produce a high-caliber, purebred puppies.

Weight Pull Events



Obedience trials are a series of competitive exercises that display your canine’s ability to behave positively while in public, around other dogs, or in your place of residence.

BBCR ACT Certification

BBCR IBDT Certification

BBCR Show Zones

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