BBCR Partners With Dog Supplement Giant

26 May BBCR Partners With Dog Supplement Giant

The BBCR is pleased to announce that it has inked a deal with Buff K-9 Dog Supplements. News of this strategic partnership is exciting and would help to set the BBCR ahead of the pack. This would be just another solid step in the journey to better shape our foundation.

This strategic partnership would help to leverage two reputable companies seeking to expand and bring greater brand awareness to their names. As our mission includes, the BBCR is proud to offer a venue where dog lovers can join together in the spirit of competition, education, and development of our breeds. Buff K-9 specializes in health and performance supplements which result in bigger, faster and stronger canines with a higher capacity for endurance. Not compromising on quality of its human grade, all-natural ingredients, the supplements will enhance beauty and performance overall.


We appreciate Buff K-9’s commitment to the health of dogs, as we are in agreeance with the way they help with the development of breeds such as bull breeds. Having shared goals is one of the reasons why the BBCR was interested in forming this partnership. Additionally, being affiliated with such a strong and trusted company, the BBCR would be pleased to refer its own dog owners to this brand of supplements. A new joint venture of this magnitude will fully deliver on a more well-rounded presence for both brands.

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