Frequently Asked Questions

Breed Information

What dog breeds does your registry recognize?

We currently accept American Bully, American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, Shortybull, Olde English Bulldogge, French Bulldog and English Bulldog registrations.


Do your registry recognize any non-bully breeds?

Yes. Through our Contender Dog Registration™ program, all dogs, regardless of breed, are allowed to compete in BBCR events.



What types of registrations do you offer?

We offer permanent, kennel and contender registrations. Additional information, including registration instructions, materials and fees can be found by clicking on the Registration tab. You can also enjoy an unlimited number of registrations through our MemberPlus Program.


How will I know my registration request has been approved?

Please allow two to four weeks for your registration request to be processed. Upon approval, you will receive a BBCR Permanent Registration Certificate (with 3 generation pedigree) and free membership to our partner site, Bully Pedigress Online.



Who should I contact to inquire about hosting a show in my area of residence?

To inquire about hosting a BBCR Sanctioned show, send an email to You can also apply to host a show by completing and submitting the Event Host Application per the guidelines listed on the form. More information on show types can be found here.


How can I apply to become a BBCR judge?

Judges Application information Please contact us as to inquire about the application process. 


DNA Testing and Microchipping

I’m interested in these services. Where can I find additional information?

To learn more about the DNA Profiling and Microchipping services we offer, click here.



Where is the BBCR located?

We are located at 23110 State Road 54 #212 Lutz, FL 33549


What are your hours of operation?

Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (EST). We can also be reached 24/7 via telephone at (813) 388-2905. Also, feel free to email us at

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Terms & Conditions

Single Dog Registration

All paperwork must be provided to adequately register an individual dog. Only one dog can be recorded per paperwork. Failure to submit proper paperwork or appropriate payment will result in the prolonging of your registration or ultimate termination.

Registration for Shows

For all show candidates receiving free registration at the time of the show, a limited time of 30 days is given to send in all necessary paperwork for free registration. All paperwork from show must be addressed to the show committee and can be emailed to address. Show paperwork must comply with all the standards set for the single dog registration and can be subjected to payment if above the 30 day period

Promotional Registration

Promotional registration entails any registration negotiated by the promotional team via social media. Promotional registration is valid if, and only if, paperwork for all registering dog, litter or Kennel is done within one sitting. If candidate is unable to provide paperwork at the time of promotion; he or she may still register the dogs that are available on hand and have the choice to A. Pay standard $20 fee for registration or B. Register to become a Member Plus holder with BBCR.

Litter Registration

Litter registrations must be submitted with full Sire and Dam information. If neither the Sire or Dam is within the BBCR records, complimentary paperwork must be provided for those dogs. For transfer puppy paperwork; signatures of both the current and shifting owner must be visible in the back of puppy paperwork for it to be processed. A bill of sale with current owner’s signature and transferring owner name is also acceptable. Please note that BBCR does not comply or heed attention to contracts or sub-contracts carried out between Breeder and Seller. Such arrangements are viable only between breeder/seller party, and BBCR will not be responsible for breeding agreements unless otherwise specified.




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