The Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR) would like to congratulate the first Grand Champion titleholder within the registry: American Pit Bull Terrier Dixie Chick. In the sport of purebred dogs, a Grand Champion title refers to the first-place winner of five consecutive champion wins. This distinction indicates a dedication to the breed and winners are awarded and acknowledged. For the registry, this marks the first Grand Champion award within its’ records.

Grand Champion Dixie Chick is a 3-year-old female at 18” tall and weighing in at about 50 pounds. She is enthusiastic, well-tempered, and has a willingness to please. She is set apart from her unlikely upbringing and is mostly self-taught – regarding competing in confirmation shows.

“Dixie and I spend a lot of time practicing, and we weren’t going to let being from a small town where nobody knows who you are count us out.” says owner, Lynsey Tyndall.

Dixie’s diet consists of kibble and raw. She has dry kibble as her morning meals and a raw food for her evening meals. Also, 5 days out of the week are spent in training which consists of: going on 3- mile walks with a weighted fitness vest, working with flirt/spring poles, and repeatedly working on free stacks. Repetitive exercise and a balanced diet are the core of Tyndall’s belief system of show preparedness. The week before an event, Dixie gets a well-deserved rest as she prepares for competition day. Along with conformation events, Dixie Chick is also pursuing other sporting events such as weight pull, dock diving, and lure course.

“Growing up I always thought the American Pit Bull Terrier was one of the most beautiful dog breeds there is. I also had a family member who raised American Pit Bull Terriers at one point, and I was drawn to the breed ever since.” Inspired by her love and dedication for the breed, in the future, she is looking to start her own APBT Breeding Program with the primary focus on breeding dogs that meet the standard correctly.

Tyndall was first introduced to the BBCR from a friend in the Spring of 2018. Her first BBCR competition was the “Be My Bully Valentine” hosted by, Judge Timothy Sinclair in Lumberton, NC. Since then, she has been to several sanctioned events and has sponsored the APBT in support of the breed.

Tyndall expresses her gratitude to Mark and Adriana Darwish of Damarhoff’s Rott N’ Staff for the encouragement provided while helping Dixie get started in conformation events. Recognition also goes to Curvonte Murphy from Ground Zero Bullz, Logan Jones of Amen Bullies, and Kristina Browne of Kayo Kennels for proving their handling services along the way.

“Dixie is absolutely obsessed with me” points, Tyndall. “Wherever I go, she follows me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” In the future, Tyndall and Dixie are looking forward to attending more BBCR events, supporting the Grand Champion title, and looking to become a more active member of the American Pit Bull Terrier community and association.

The BBCR once again congratulates Dixie Chick in being a titled Grand Champion and the BBCR’s first American Pit Bull Terrier Grand Champion titleholder. For more up to date news on the BBCR and its community, visit or sign up for the monthly BBCR newsletter.

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