Holiday Originals



     “BBCR” Shortybull Trophy

Holiday Originals… that is a name that carries weight in the competition show world.  The artist behind the “Original Bully” sculpture trophies is none other than “Holiday” May.


At first glance you would not think this man is behind the art. But, take a moment to introduce yourself and you will instantly know his personality is as exclusive as his trophy line. A classically trained artist, the making of these beautiful awards is a passion.  Each new design is the result of hours of studying the breed it represents. No one dog is mimicked to create the finished product, instead he represents his vision of the breeds that he has dug deep to understand and respect. These traits were only part of the reason that when the BBCR needed awards, the decision was instant; the best artist, the best awards, for the best competitors…Holiday Originals was the only choice.


Each mold created is the birth of a new chapter in the world of showing dogs.  Contestants come from far and wide, worldwide in fact, in hopes of taking a Holiday Original home with them.  We at the BBCR are proud to introduce a new and exclusive line of Holiday’s Original Sculptured Trophies and even more proud to call Holiday and his family part of ours here at the BBCR.  

We will be publishing a set of sneak peak photos for the 2011 show season awards very soon. Trust, you will not be disappointed.  New designs are only the beginning… you will not want to miss what Holiday Originals and the BBCR will be breaking out for our Main Events!


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