Homegrown Bullies Delilah

Homegrown Bullies Delilah




Call Name: Delilah
Sex: Female
Color: Black & White
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 62 lbs
Breed: American Bully
D.O.B: 11/03/2007
Sire: Homegrown’s 12 Gauge Shorty
Dam: C&E’s Paulie


Delilah is a very laid back and affectionate dog.  The first time I put Delilah in a show ring she took to it like a natural, I’ve never had a dog that enjoyed showing as much as Delilah.  She loves being in the spot light, and her movement is absolutely beautiful.  At home Delilah enjoys chasing her tennis ball, and competing with the others for our attention.  Her nick name isvelcro because she literally clings to people.  She is very gentle in nature and loves children as well.  She has never met a stranger and also gets along with other dogs as well.


R & K Kennels owned Delilah’s dam Paulie.  The first time I laid eyes on Paulie I knew I had to have a piece of her.  We did the breeding with our male Gauge.  Once the litter was born, I had my eye on Delilah immediately.  My husband however, liked a different female.  When time came for us to make a choice I felt it was Lee’s turn to pick a puppy. Overall it was one of the best litters that Gauge had sired so I felt confident that even if hedidn’t choose the little black pup that I had my eye on it would be ok.  He chose a blue female, I left there and could not stop thinking about the little black pup I had liked all along.  We kept the blue female for a few weeks, all along I was still talking about the black pup, one day my husband said to me, Melissa just take her back and get the pup you want.  Without hesitation I took her back and brought Delilah home.  Lee and I joke about this situation sometimes now.  I knew in my heart that Delilah was meant to be with us, and I have no regrets on going back to get her


Melissa Williams
Homegrown Bullies


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