10 Nov Host a BBCR EVENT

Even though a surge of shows is forecasted for the 2017 year, many BBCR supporters do not realize that the company is open to sanction shows hosted by Clubs or Kennels.

What this means is that the registry will come to a given location so long as an organized group can host a show. Events can range from a breed exclusive event to a full blown conformation showing; BBCR will be there to make the event sanctioned, and participants will be able to register their dogs and receive points.

The company looks forward to expanding its reach in the states that previously did not have any BBCR presence. The hosts can fully collaborate with the registry and be able to experience a show of the highest standards.

On there is a full PDF downloadable packet that highlights all the criteria for hosting a show. Given that a host meets all the requirements, BBCR will then prepare to come to the area, promote the show and fix registration.

In the coming year, the registry hopes that participants will take full advantage of this offer and spread support all over the nation. For more information on hosting a show and events near your area, visit or call at 813-388-2905.

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