How to Host a Show

Inquire (Step 1)

Do you want to host a BBCR Sanctioned Show, but aren’t ready to submit an application? Do you have dates, times and a venue in mind? Please submit an Event Host Inquiry Form. (90 Days Before a show)


Event Date Inquiry Form (PDF)
Event Date Inquiry Form (Online)


Promotional Flier Form (PDF)

Promotional Flier Form (Online)

Apply (Step 2)

Your dates have been approved! You have 60 Days before your approved show date to have all of the following forms completed and submitted to the BBCR.


Event Host Application (PDF)
Judge & Host Agreement (PDF)
Representative & Host Agreement (PDF)

Event Host Application (online)

Day of (Step 3)

It’s showtime! The documents below are required to Host a BBCR Sanctioned Show.


Event Checklist
Show Book
Show Entry Form (PDF)
Single Dog Application (PDF) – Accompanied by every Show Entry Form
Ribbon Regulations (PDF)
Post Event Survey (PDF)



Thank you for your interest in hosting a Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR) sanctioned show. This packet includes all pertinent information, an application to host an event, and the rules and regulations required to become a show host. Please read them carefully, as there is a great deal that goes into hosting a BBCR-sanctioned event.


With the number of our shows increasing, we are determined to maintain our high standards when it comes to the way BBCR shows are hosted. Please use this information as a guide, and take time out to consider our standards before you decide to host a BBCR show. The following packet includes some general information on materials, work, and thoughts that go into hosting a BBCR show. It also includes the application to host a show and the rules & regulations that must be followed.


Every show you attend or host can be a great opportunity to learn. Although hosting an event is a fun experience, it can also be both time-consuming and expensive. Hosting a show requires a great deal of hard work, time, and dedication. More importantly, it is a team effort, so there’s never a single individual who gets all the credit. Remember, hosting a show is a passion, and you should only become a host if you love the Bully breed and the Bully community.


A BBCR show host will hire representatives and judges for their event; however, these reps and judges do not run the show for the host. The BBCR representative’s primary responsibilities are answering any questions the show host or patrons may have, taking home the final paperwork (judges’ books), entry forms, temporary numbers and money at the end of the day and turning those into the BBCR office within 10 days.


The BBCR judge’s primary responsibilities are judging the dogs in the show and answering any questions that the show host or patrons may have. This means the show host has to take responsibility for either being a part of or hiring others to help with registration and ring‐stewarding. The BBCR representative will help guide these individuals.


Hosting a BBCR show also means incurring a number of out‐of‐pocket expenses for everything required prior to the event. The rental of an inside building for an expo/show alone can be expensive. This includes everything from materials and fees that must be paid out‐of‐pocket for your show to get started. Please understand that these amounts may not always be returned to your pocket – hosting a show means that sometimes you will incur a loss. Although there are business-like aspects to hosting a BBCR-sanctioned event, hosting BBCR shows should be a passion and hobby. BBCR show hosts should enjoy hosting these events and do it for the Bully breed and as a way to give back to the Bully community.


The best advice anyone can give a team that would like to host a BBCR show is to go to a show without distractions. Sit back, take notes, and watch how the event is run. Take notes on what it takes, how it works, and what you would need to host a show.

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