Ikaika bio

16 Aug Ikaika bio

BBCR Judge Stephen Ikaika Ah Choy



Phone: (808) 345-9459

Email: ikaika@bullbreedcoalitionregistry.com

Zone: Pacific (Hawaii)


Become a constructive, instructive, and consistent judge; that will maintain the integrity and standard of the breeds. Strive to help the community to strive for excellence in their breed and care of their dogs.


Board of Director, Head Trainer

2010-Present Hawaii 5-0 Service Dog Training Center, Hilo, Hawaii

Assess and Train Rescue Dogs for Service Dog work.

Assist in Training Individual’s with handling their Service Dogs.

Evaluate potential recipients for a Service Dog.

Host Educational Seminars for Dog Trainers, Service Dog Recipients, and community.



1995-Present NSM Bully Alliance (NSM Kennels), Hilo, Hawaii

Provide Basic Canine Training. (Conformation, Obedience, Weight-Pull)

Specialty Bully & Working Dog Supply Store

Dog Daycare & Bakery

Conduct Training, Health, and Nutritional Seminars for Community

Produce various Pet Expos and Dog Shows across the State

26 Years Breeding: American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogges, Rottweillers, Shorty Bulls.



2009 – Present: American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Hawaii

Board of Director

2007 – 2009: American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Hawaii

Board of Director

2005 – Present: Hawaiian United Kennel Club


American Kennel Club (AKC) Conformation Show Awards

Ch. TForce Diamond of Kaniaupio [2-Terrier Group; 3-Best of Breed (Am. Staff] – Handler

Ch. NSM TForce Koanui’s HoneyBear [1-Terrier Group; 2-Best of Breed (Am. Staff)] – Owner, Handler

Ch. NSM TForce Lord Vader DIESEL [1-Non-Sporting Group; 3-Best of Breed (French Bulldog)] – Owner, Handler

Ch. NSM Hualani’s Pryde Princess of Lani Havaiki [4-Best of Breed (Am. Staff)] – Owner, Breeder, Handler

Ch. NSM Hennessey Dutro [2-Terrier Group; 3-Best of Breed (Am. Staff)] – Breeder, Handler


American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) Show Awards

Bully Industry Lil Rock (2009 Nationals Best in Show) – Handler

GrCH. HKB’s Grizzly of 808 Stone Kennels [8 – Best in Shows; 3- Best Grand Champion; – Best Champion; – 16 Best of Breed (Shorty Bull); 1st ABKC Shorty Bull Grand Champion; 1st ABKC Grand Champion of Hawaii ] – Handler

Ch. 808 Shorty Bulls Grizzly’s Bull-It of NSM [ 5 – Best in Shows; 4 – Best Champion; 6 – Best of Breed (Shorty Bull); *Weight Pull Pound-for-Pound 45lbs and Under] – Owner, Handler

International Bully Circuit (IBC) Show Awards

Champion HKB’s Grizzly of 808 Stone Kennels ( 4 – Best in Shows; 1st IBC Champion)

Bully Breed Coalition (BBC) Show Awards

HKB’s Grizzly of 808 Stone Kennels ( 1 – Best in Shows)

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