Joanne bio

BBCR Judge Joanne Letcher




I have never met a dog I didn’t love!  My entire life has been spent looking and learning about all aspects of canines.  From showing in conformation ring to competing in obedience events and working dog events such as PSA and Schutzland, each day is dedicated to becoming more complete in my own knowledge.  Having successfully handled dogs in multiple organization show rings I understand what it takes to prepare your dog and yourself for conformation shows. Every part of the dog is equally important and really getting your hands on a dog tells more than just your eyes when judging.  

Joanne will bring great experience to any event.  Takes control and gives strong and concise direction you will know you are working with a seasoned dog lady.  She has a wealth of knowledge about all phases of showing and training and enjoys helping others create the dog that will be a benefit to their family.

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