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The BBCR is very proud to offer the Kid-Formation program, our version of Junior Showmanship. BBCR Kid-Formation is an elite group of future “ring leaders” BBCR Jr. Handlers have the unique opportunity to work directly under the guidance and advice of our experienced professional judges to learn the art of showmanship, hone their skills as dog handlers, take the lead role as primary care giver to their canine partners and, above all, develop a standard of sportsmanship and comradery.


At the BBCR we firmly believe that children are the future for the sport of exhibiting dogs, as well as the future of the breeds we love. By establishing a circuit of shows and a healthy level of competition and education, we know the next generation is in very promising hands. KidFformation provides a forum where juniors can start competing early and provides a base of knowledge and support. We believe the best is yet to come!


This is an area that the BBCR does not take for granted. We established this program to get our youth involved in something special. In this program children will learn the proper way to present a dog, become educated on basic dog structure, and learn the breed standards of the dog(s) they are presenting. In addition, this program provides our youth an opportunity to begin working as a team with their dog. This sense of accomplishment plays a role in helping to build character and teach them good sportsmanship.


Rules and Regulations


1.  Junior Showmanship is a program for our youth, untainted by any outside motivations and, as such, they should not receive compensation.

2.  All junior handlers under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult until they enter the ring.

3.  There will be no outside assistance to any junior handlers while they are in the ring.

4.  Junior handlers should be dressed neatly and well groomed.

5.  Junior handlers must exhibit sportsmanship whether they win or loose and learn to congratulate each other.

6.  Junior handlers are expected to know how to move their dog in the ring with their class.

7.  Junior handlers should be able to move their dog around the ring alone when instructed to do so by the judge.

8.  Junior handlers should know the basics about how to properly stack the breed of dog they are showing for examination by judge.

9.  Junior handlers are expected to know ring routines and follow directions.

10. Junior handlers should know the proper gaiting for the breed of dog they are showing.

11. Junior handlers should be aware of their surroundings and listen for instructions, as there may be changes in the judge’s routine.

12. Junior handlers must be the owner or co-owner of the dog they are presenting in the ring.

13. Junior handlers are prohibited from competing in regular conformation shows. Should they compete in a regular conformation show they will no longer be able to compete in junior shows and will lose junior showman status.

14. Any disruptive dogs will be excused from the ring at the discretion of the judge, and entry fees will not be refunded.






The BBCR Kid-Formation program has four (4) age classes. Each class has expectations of the handlers that are age appropriate to their knowledge and skill base.









(6-9 years)

This age group is a non-sanctioned class. This is for our youth just getting started so they can experience the fun of the conformation ring.


(9-12 years)

At this age the BBCR wants to develop and enhance the bond between child and dog as a team. Participants should be learning the basic skills that are needed to show dogs in the ring. These skills should be the ability to follow judge’s instructions, sportsmanship, stacking, gaiting for the breed that they are handling, and self confidence.


(12-15 years)

In this age group the BBCR wants to establish more interaction between handler and judge. This is the point when studying becomes part of the job and youth should be learning basic dog anatomy. While in the ring the judge will ask each handler a few questions on basic dog anatomy and responses will be part of the evaluation process used for show placements.


(15-18 years)

This age group handlers will be expected to know dog anatomy in more detail.  Handlers must also have a strong grasp on the breed standard of the dog(s) they are presenting. While in the ring the judge will ask each handler more in-depth questions on dog anatomy, and responses will be part of the evaluation process used for show placements.




Judging will be based on the presentation abilities of the handler and their knowledge of breed, not on the dog. Judges will run the ring exactly as they would in a conformation show, sending dogs around together, alone, and evaluate each dog stacked. Judges have the option to ask questions – appropriate to each age class. The handler is expected to answer in a clear and confident voice.  The question and answer part of the evaluation is worth 25 percent of the judge’s decision.


BBCR Kid-Formation Information and Documents

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