In a dog conformation show, judges aren’t solely comparing the dogs to one another. Judges examine the dogs and place them in accordance to the criterion of the “perfect” version of its breed. Particularly, when the judge looks at your dog, he is evaluating what is visually seen against an official standard of the ideal dog, and allowing that breed to perform the function for which it was bred.


The standards address various body parts and attributes, including:

Balance and overall appropriate proportions in size and weight
Eyes: color, size, shape
Ears: shape, length, position
Head: shape
Muzzle: shape, length
Whiskers: thickness
Teeth: kind of bite (e.g. level or scissors bites)
Tail: how it arches and sets (e.g. how high or low)
Shoulders: bone, muscle
Legs: muscles, stance, proportionality
Coat: texture, length
Color: accepted breed colors


A judge will use his hands to evaluate the dog’s body, including bones, teeth, coat texture and muscular structure. While assessing physical characteristics like these, judges examine the dog’s movement (gait) and attitude. For example, a standard might require that the dog’s attitude to be cheerful, proud, friendly and or charismatic. The dog that the judges think matches its breed’s criteria the best wins the competition.


If you are interested in becoming a BBCR Judge please contact the BBCR office (813) 388-2905 or send your injuries along with a resume to INFO@BBCR.com.


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