Kennel Name Registration

Preserve the name of your kennel by registring with the BBCR


Beginning this May, the Bull Breed Coalition Registry will offer kennel name registrations.  Registering a kennel name essentially copyrights that name with the BBCR and gives you the option to renew every five years.
 Krogman believes this new offering will protect the hard work you put into developing your kennel. “Registering your kennel is a great way to stand out from the crowd and will make it easy for others to find your business.” The BBCR recently relocated its headquarters from the Atlanta area back to its birthplace in Marysville, KS, adding additional staff to ensure each registration and customer inquiry is attended to quickly and efficiently. Offering kennel name registrations is just the latest service as the BBCR continues to expand operations by providing a diverse range of products and quality customer service. The BBCR already offers three generation pedigrees, litter registration, limited registration, conformation, weight pull, and performance (working dog and obedience) titles for the seven recognized breeds, and Contender registration for all other breeds that participate in our weight pull and performance sports. In addition, the BBCR recently acquired the Bull Breed Coalition, the BBCR’s most significant competitor in Shortybull registrations. This addition will undoubtedly have similar or duplicate names, making it even more important to protect your kennel name.
We also continue to expand our service through hosting and sponsorship of BBCR shows and events. Additionally, our increased use of social media provides broad exposure to the general public seeking information about the breeds we represent, as well as our creditable breeders. It is vital to be the one and only, not one of many to ensure you receive the upmost recognition for your productions.
The BBCR recognizes that the love for the breed expands beyond financial incentives. “Passion and pride are two emotions a breeder puts into their programs; there is no greater pride than when you hear your kennel name mentioned in casual conversation amongst your peers.
The initial registration fee for Kennel Name Registrations is $150.00 for five years ($50.00 for each additional breed). Additional five-year registration extensions are $50.00. BBCR MemberPlus Members the initial registration fee for Kennel Name Registrations is $100.00 for five years ($50.00 for each additional breed). Additional five-year registration extensions are $50.00.

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