Most Popular BBCR Recognized Breed of 2019

04 May Most Popular BBCR Recognized Breed of 2019

Have you ever thought, is my breed a popular breed? Now you can find out. The most popular dog breed of 2019 has now been released based on 2019 BBCR registration statistics.

It may come as a surprise that while we originated as a Shortybull registry – the American Bully has been a highly registered breed over the years and took the lead in registrations the past two years. However, this year the Olde English Bulldogge takes the top spot for the 1st time since keeping a record as most popular.

Recognizing that there are some big movers and shakers within the Olde community. Olde English has gained a lot of traction over the years within the BBCR. As seen at events, the Olde English was one of the first breeds recognized by the BBCR to have a Grand Champion Titleholder. Recently, the first recorded American Pit Bull Terrier Grand Champion Title was awarded.

As the BBCR continues to register it’s recognized breeds – other breeds are seeking to gain acceptance into the list of recognized breeds. There have been talks among directors within the BBCR about accepting new breeds in the near future.

Getting your dogs registered is beneficial to you, your dogs, and dogs everywhere. The Bull Breed Coalition Registry and its affiliates continuously strive to connect with leading organizations, clubs, and kennels to ensure education and resources are available to support the health, safety, and wellbeing of canines.

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