NC Fall Bully Fair, Hosted by Timothy Sinclair

09 Jul NC Fall Bully Fair, Hosted by Timothy Sinclair

On the weekend of October 7th, Timothy Sinclair will be hosting the BBCR Fall Bully Fair, our first North Carolina BBCR show. The event will take place at the Southeastern Agricultural Center, Lumberton, NC.

Timothy has been a familiar face at BBCR conformation events for the past eight years, but he fell in love with dogs when he was just seven years old. “We got our first American Pitbull Terrier,” he recalls, “and we have had dogs ever since.”

As an adult, he opened Mythological Kennels in 2000. “We started with Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, and Chows,” says Timothy, who feeds his dogs Sportsmix, Victor, and Raw (Prey Diet).

“After getting out of the Marine Corps in 2004, I was in San Diego, California, where I learned about the American Bully breed,” Timothy explains. “I came back to North Carolina, and we switched to American Pitbull Terriers in 2005. I purchased my first American Bully and started Straight To The Top Bullies in 2006. We have been going strong ever since.”

Around that same time, Timothy got started with conformation events. “We became involved in conformation shows in 2006,” he says. “First we started showing ABKC, then we began to show RKC, BBCR, and UBKC. We placed no limitations on our dogs when it came to shows and registries. We fell in love with handling and showing dogs.”

Timothy first learned about the BBCR back in 2009. “We registered our entire yard with BBCR and started attending their shows,” he recalls. “We even produced a BBCR Champion female.”

Having hosted many conformation shows himself, Timothy knows what to expect and has confidence in his own abilities to run an event.

“At BBCR shows, people can expect a family-friendly environment at an awesome venue,” he says. “It’s great food, a great atmosphere, and just an all-around well-organized show.

“I’ve been hosting events since 2009,” Timothy emphasizes, “and this is what I love to do. Being a retired Marine now, I love hosting dog shows for the community and the bully breed I have come to love and have so much passion for.”

Timothy truly does have a great passion for the bully breed, in addition to his years of experience, so we look forward to seeing him at the BBCR Fall Bully Fair in October. We are sure he will do a fantastic job hosting this unique event, and we encourage every member to come out to the show.


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