New Milestones

25 May New Milestones

On the heels of the announcement of the first recognized tricolor Shortybull, BBCR Shortybull director Amy Krogman released the following statement offering insight into the future of the breed…

“It is always exciting to see new milestones reached in our breed (wider public knowledge, more accomplished breeders, an ever expanding worldwide network of fanciers, competition titles)  and those milestones certainly bring many new eyes to Shortybulls which is undoubtedly a positive thing for the breed. As a whole, we stay focused on the fact  that  it is imperative to maintain an even stronger quality over profit stance and not allow the “trend” market to negatively impact the hard work and dedication so many people who love the breed have invested. Exploration of the genetics embedded in our breed that allows us to bring out these previously unseen paint jobs is no doubt a fine tuned example of depth of knowledge and commitment to Shortybulls.  A good breeder will always use the standard as a road-map and their knowledge as the fuel not taking risky shortcuts in route to the finish line, having seen the new additions to the breed and having hands on knowledge of their family tree I can say the engine has not been changed, but the fancy paint job sure looks good going down the road!  I look forward to seeing where the road takes Shortybulls from here!

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